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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

August 20, 2014

Dear Trolls,

It is common knowledge the federal agencies routinely monitor social media sites.

Our Facebook page is no exception.

Has it occurred to you that when you succeed in convincing Facebook to remove such pages, you are actually impeding the investigations of the Dept. of Homeland Security?

The DHS, FBI, et al love Facebook pages like the one hosted by DailyKenn.com.

They have been known to pose as supporters, then post incendiary and racist comments. They do this for the express purpose of inciting others to respond in kind. They use these responses as a vetting process to identify individuals who may pose a risk of violence.

Most of our readers are aware of this perennial snooping and temper their comments accordingly. Still, there are Hal Turner-types who are fed by the feds to snoop.

I realize, of course, that leftists are void of abstract reasoning skills, so it may be difficult for you to grasp this concept: By impeding our free speech on the Internet, you are also impeding the work of government investigators.

The feds also monitor leftist pages. You will notice we don't attack these pages with the same unwarrented vociferous objections leveled against our page. This is because leftists usually don't have the sense to temper their comments or even realize the eyes of the feds are watching and recording.

Again, while you may succeed in hampering our free speech you are also preventing investigators from identifying the real bad guys.

Enjoy your trolling.


Kenn Daily

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