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July 31, 2014

Truer words were never spoken.

A neighbor of the 18-year-old white woman who was beaten and kicked into submission by two big black thugs summed up the attack by saying that it's a reality that needs to be accepted.

Security video cameras captured the images of two black males as they laughed when following a young white woman into an apartment complex. As the three exited the elevator, the young white woman was set upon, knock to the floor where she is seen on video being beaten and stomped into submission.

The two black thugs made off with the young white woman's purse.

Unfortunately we have been mentally conditioned to ignore black-on-white racist attacks. Few dare to acknowledge they occur, let alone express outrage. When such attacks are acknowledged, they are nearly always scrubbed of the racial element.

Why is that?

Who placed the thoughts in our minds that we may not acknowledge -- let alone discuss -- violent black-on-white crimes? Who told us we should cower in shame of feeling 'racist' for even taken note that such violence occurs everywhere in America every day? Why do allow our minds to be submitted to the evil hatred of a world system? How and when did they manage to convince us that we are racists if admit that black-on-white violence is both epidemic and pandemic?

The crime occurred Sunday, July 27, 2014 in New York City.

From our source we read ►
Police are looking for two men they say followed an 18-year-old woman into a Brooklyn apartment building elevator, then punched and kicked her before running away with her purse.

The robbers followed the woman into her Midwood building after 9:30 p.m. Sunday, video shows, and then into the elevator. The woman appears to try to get off the elevator, only to be stopped by the men, who drag her out by her hair, throw her to the floor, then punch and kick her repeatedly.

They then run out of the building with her purse, and one of the suspects tosses the bag as they flee.

The victim was treated for bruising around the eyes at Coney Island Hospital.

Records show felony assaults are up year over year in the 70th Precinct, where the assault took place: there were 160 reports of assaults in the last year, compared to 141 at this time last year.

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