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July 16, 2014

Lo and behold the words of understanding that floweth forth from the bowels of the sea of great wisdom: Woe be unto they who speaketh the name Trayvon when referring to black thugs for the wrath of eternity shall fall upon their heads and they shall be smitten with boils and locusts shall devour them and they shall die a thousand deaths and, perchance, even be blockenethed from Facebook. And, again, I say: Woe!

Maybe the message wasn't quite that intense, but the sender was nevertheless nonplussed that I had the audacity to refer to black thugs as "Trayvons."

The logic used by the sender was simple: By referring to black thugs as Trayvons, I was extending the memory and playing into hands of evildoers.

Not wanting to be played into the hands of evildoers, devoured by locusts, or blockenethed from Facebook, I considered my wicked ways.

The issue, however, has nothing to do with Trayvon, black thugs, or playing into the hands of anyone.

At issue is the human propensity to create a ritualistic list of dos and don'ts or, if you will, shalts and shalt nots.

Upon checking the Decalogue I was pleased to discover that "Thou shalt not refer to black thugs as Trayvons" was not one of the ten commandments. I also took time to review Hammurabi's Code, The Georgia Guidestones, and even Emily Post. Nowhere was the commandment to be found.

Apparently my critic made it up out of thin air -- or whole cloth. Not sure which.

Maybe Nostradamus saw it coming when he prophesied, "Toulouse and Bayonne will be ruined when they wish to renew the massacre," as Toulouse is a French translation of the Latin word for Trayvon and Bayonne has long since been understood to mean Zimmerman.

So, yeah, maybe there is a precedence for the preponderance, but we also have to take into account the fact that Nostradamus' work was never actually etched in stone -- far as I know -- and, besides, his work was never formally notarized.

That brings us back to the question at hand: Why do humans find it necessary to concoct thou shalts and thou shalt nots, then impose them on the rest of us?

The phenomenon is sometimes called 'political correctness' and it can be quite annoying when applied by the predatory left.

Thou shalt not say 'colored people' is codified,  but 'people of color' is perfectly legit. The name Redskins is verboten and its usage will even get you kicked out of the Trademark office and at least one federal court. Fighting Irish, on the other hand, is prim and proper.

Diety-of-choice forbid that the phrase 'nappy-headed ho' would emit from one's lips and the granddaddy of them all, of course, is the notorious N word.

You may say F. And you may say S. And you may even say MF and S all in the same sentence. But you may never say N.

Who makes these rules?

I was once scolded for using the words gay and straight by an individual who insisted the correct terms are homosexual and normal. He has a point, considering the words are left-invented neologisms. And who decided that liberals are progressives? Was there a convention? Another Council in Nicaea that nobody told me about?

Some guy fumed that the word racist was a neologism of one Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) and should be considered a synthetic misnomer. Who would conclude such a silly thing? (Oh, yeah. It was me. Sorry about that.) Another guy insisted he was a racist because he believe in races, a fact attested to by 300,000 fans who showed up in Indianapolis in May.

Granted, referring to a BB gun fitted with a scope should not technically be called an assault weapon. That much I willingly concede.

What I don't get is why we have to constantly be inventing new rules and expecting others to abide by them. And, yes, the offense extends far beyond the political left.

The Pharisees of biblical fame were notorious for inventing silly rules. One syllogism followed this pattern:

a) Working on the Sabbath is a sin.
b) Picking one's nose is a form of work.
c) Therefore, picking one's nose on the Sabbath is sinful.

Actually, it was plucking a grain of wheat, but I'm guessing the Pharisees were not sabbatical nose pickers, either. What applies to cotton applies to ...

So, before you tell me I can't call black thugs Trayvons or refer to my BB gun as a weapon of mass destruction, consider the pharisees. Then, consider the absurd extremes such thinking will take us.

Yea, thou mayest say nosepicker, but thou mayest not speaketh cottonpicker.

What America needs is another George Carlin.

Now, about Trayvon and black thugs.

Perhaps the biggest blunder made by the left was when they gathered in Nicaea and decided to seek a new poster boy for white racism, now that James Byrd was fading from memory. Tragically, white people don't actually go about bopping Negroes (am I allowed to say Negroes?) and so they had to settle on a half-Hispanic with a German name.

Not bothering to explain why a half-white president is black and a half-white Zimmerman is white, the left proceeded with their plans to heap guilt and shame upon the bourgeoisie while firming up the black community who were increasingly becoming disillusioned with their half-white president.

And so a crisis was born outside of a Hollywood sound stage. And it backfired.

While black folks were loudly wearing hoodies in church to show their support for Trayvon, white folks were quietly registering for conceal carry permits in record numbers. That's not what the left had in mind.

The more the media mentioned Trayvon, the more agitated white people became and more silly black preachers looked in hoodies -- even sillier than a congressman in a hoodie.

You will note that, of late, the media has all but forgotten the Trayvon episode. They haven't actually forgotten it, they have abandoned the strategy because the outcome was not what they expected.

Then along comes me.

At every opportunity I intend to remind readers that Trayvon was no different from other black thugs who roam the night with Arizona Tea and Skittles in search of a Zimmerman to bash. My intent is to underscore the media's hypocrisy in exaggerating white racism while ignoring the epidemic of black-on-white violence.

I will continue to do so until someone manages to etch a commandment in stone to the contrary. And have it notarized.

Thou mayest not view this video for it bearerth the N word.

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