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July 29, 2014

A rash of racist executions in Western Michigan is being ignored by the national media and given little attention by local news outlets.

Victims are always white; executioners are always described as black.

Bryan Foley:
Shot for being white
• Bryan Foley, a 24-year-old Livonia man, was shot while taking a stroll. Police say the victim was approached by a vehicle with four black male occupants. One of the black males exited the vehicle and shot the victim twice.

Livonia, a Detroit suburb, is about 92 percent white. One can imagine black thugs hunting white people for sport.

Only one local news source that we read attributed the crime to blacks [source].

What happened in the Detroit suburb is also happening to the west.

• Jacob "Jake" Rameau, 26, was shot dead as he drove his motorcycle through Muskegon Heights [source].

• Rebekah Sue Bletsch, 36, was shot dead as she jogged in nearby Dalton Township [source].

The crimes occurred in July. Foley survived his attack, but was listed in critical condition after being hospitalized.

Were these executions white-on-black (they never are), there would be an international outcry for justice. Cultural Marxism would have us believe -- without documentation -- that such violence was common in the pre-Civil Rights South. However, the executions in Michigan are documented by local news and police reports. Still, the mainstream Marxist media remains silent.

It is baffling why the media would invoke carpet coverage of the so-called knock-out game, but ignore the more serious rash of racial executions.

Jim Vester was executed
in Indianapolis
Similar attacks occurred in Indiana this year.

• Kyle Jobin, 19, was executed at a gas station in the Lawrence neighborhood of Indianapolis in January. Jobin was shot without provocation after being approached by a vehicle with black occupants, one of whom reported fired the deadly shot [source].

• Nathan Trapuzzano, 24, was executed April 1 as he was jogging on Indianapolis west side.  A 16-year-old black male was arrested [source].

Two white police officers were executed by blacks in Indiana this year [source].

• Brothers Tryon and Tyshaune Kincade used a Craigslist ad to lure a 32-year-old to his execution. Executed was Sergent First Class Jim Vester of Indianapolis. That execution occurred in December, 2013 [source].

• Harry Briggs, 45, was executed in June as he worked as a clerk in an Indianapolis convenient store. The killer was video recorded as he merrily skipped away with cash after the execution [source].

We know of no black people who were executed by whites this year in Michigan or Indiana.

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  1. And except for a few like you, white people are silent too. We hate our own race.

  2. Most white people are staunch anti-racists. They want to shudder and call me an evil hateful bigot if I use the N-word yet they will happily get murdered by blacks to atone for their white privilege, so why should I care? In fact I think it's good, the more whites get murdered by blacks the more whites see the black for the beast it is, and the closer we come to one day possibly eradicating the baboon ape hominids...


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