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July 11, 2014

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Rachelle Louise Hayes was found dead on the porch of a stranger July 4.

Arrested in the death of the white woman was a black male, Jordan Williams

The tragedy marks the fourth homicide in Muskogee, Oklahoma this year.

Muskogee is celebrated as one of the most diverse towns in Oklahoma.

With a population of about 39,000, the town has experience about 1 homicide per 9,750 this year.

Chicago, by comparison, has had 203 homicides or 1 per 13,300 in the city of 2.7 million making Muskogee more violent than Chicago.

From our source we read:
Police are investigating a homicide in Muskogee after they said a man came home Wednesday to find a woman, shot to death on his front porch.
People who live near the crime scene said they are fed up with that kind of violence in their city.

Police said a man came home and found Rachelle Louise Hayes shot to death on his front porch. The man who lives here claims he doesn't know Hayes, and people who live on this sparsely populated street say they didn't know her either.

Police said they originally thought Hayes was homeless, but now they say she had a Muskogee address.

We couldn't find anyone who knew her.

We tried to track down the homeowner where her body was found, but no one came to the door.

We did find blood stains on the concrete porch.
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  1. If you actually compare the numbers, Muskogee (1 in 9,750) has a higher homicide rate than Chicago (1 in 13,000).


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