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July 27, 2014

Watch video below
The person who sent this video did not cite the date or location.

What you are watching has historically been called black rascality.

Cultural Marxism attempts to convince us that such behavior is as frequent among whites as blacks, but blacks are prosecuted more often.

How tragic that the mindset of America has been so singed that we fear addressing black crime lest we be labeled 'racists'.

Intervention is a key component of liberating minds that are being manipulated. Our means of intervention is to provide real-life encounters via videos and news stories. Minds of viewers and readers have no choice but to compare reality with the delusions 'downloaded' into their thought processes by various media outlets, peer pressure, and educational venues.

Please share these videos and news stories with your friends. The most people we encounter with reality, the more minds we free from the grips of cultural Marxism.

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