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July 30, 2014

21 million.

There are 21 million humans working today as slaves, according to a UN report.

Compare that to fewer than 4 million who were enslaved in America in 1860. There are more than five times the number of people living in slavery worldwide today than in America then.

The slave industry is a $150 billion-a-year business, the study reported.

So where are these slaves?
The Asia-Pacific region by far is the largest hotbed for exploited laborers, accounting for 11.7 million (56 percent of the global total). Africa comes in at number two, accounting for 3.7 million (18 percent), while another 1.8 million (9 percent) of exploited laborers are in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Here's a stupid idea: Let's open the borders of Western nations to cultures that continue to embrace slavery so we, too, can become to a slave-based economy!

How tragic that cultural Marxism has convinced us of the false equivalence that white Americans are the historical propagators of slavery when, in reality, Western culture ended legal chattel slavery and continues to be the sole refuge from its stain on humanity.

This is why I find white liberalism repugnant. White liberals allow their attention to be diverted by a false positives while, in the real world, people continue to suffer.

While Oprah, Spielberg, and other Hollywood producers busy themselves infecting us with white guilt, 21 million people -- nearly all 'people of color' -- suffer in slavery even as you read this post.

White liberals busy themselves fighting the non-existent ghosts and goblins of white racism while millions suffer in slave labor at the bidding of non-whites.

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  1. Don't forget all of our white sisters being forced into the White Slave Trade.


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