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July 11, 2014

Explicit Jim Crow
The intent of Jim Crow is to separate blacks from whites.

There are two ways to do this; explicitly and implicitly.

Explicit Jim Crow is that with which we are most familiar. There is a sign that explicitly states, "Whites only" or "Negros only."

Implicit Jim Crow is, obviously, implied. There are no signs, but the segregation is apparent.

Explicit Jim Crow occurs when whites explicitly tell blacks to go elsewhere. Implicit Jim Crow occurs when whites avoid blacks. Both explicit and implicit Jim Crow are driven by the same intent: Segregating blacks from whites.

The irony is that explicit Jim Crow is not necessarily racist.* Granted, social engineers and Hollywood producers would tell us otherwise, but in reality the express purpose was not to separate races but to protect white people from black crime and violence. See video below for side-by-side examples of both.

Implicit Jim Crow is nearly always racist and typically marinated in self-denial and arrogance.

Contrary to the fake imagery portrayed in
Oprah's movie, The Butler,
explicit Jim Crow was not about segregation
for the sake of separation.
Otherwise there would have been no
black employee working behind the lunch counter.
There are those of us who live in implicitly racist, Jim Crow neighborhoods. We are surrounded by neighbors who vocally express their repugnance for explicit Jim Crow. And all the while they practice implicit Jim Crow by avoiding blacks and Hispanics.

My racist neighbors don't view themselves as racists. They flock to see white guilt movies such as The Butler, pretend that black-on-white crime is nonexistent, and scowl with the vilest of hatred at those of us who dare to embrace reality.

Readers familiar with my posts are aware of two things I detest: Those are (a) racism (the real kind, not the cultural Marxism that is clothed in the white sheets and hoodies of anti-white bigotry) and (b) hypocrisy.

The fact that our neighbors may be implicit Jim Crow racists who segregate themselves from people of color is not particularly bothersome. After all, freedom of association is a valued component of personal liberty that Americans once cherished.

What I find repugnant about my implicit Jim Crow racist neighbors -- and all implicit Jim Crow racist white people -- is their abject hypocrisy.

These are those who scowl in consternation at those of us who are grateful for the innovations of Western culture and find our civilization worth protecting. They revel in the righteousness of abstaining from the explicit expressions of their hatred for blacks while pretending that those who speak and write from a perspective of reality are the scum of the earth.

While implicit Jim Crow racists -- wherever they live -- carefully insulate themselves from the social stigmas of expressing their hatred for black people, their actions speak louder than words; much louder.

These implicit Jim Crow racists would never relocate to an urban area where blacks or Hispanics dominate the culture. They segregate themselves from 'colored' schools by assuring their children and grandchildren are safely enrolled where blacks and Hispanic comprise a minuscule minority. They almost never venture into black or Hispanic neighborhoods, don't subscribe to black or Hispanic publications, and, with few exceptions, abstain from playing loud rap music on their Buicks' cassette players.

The closest they will ever get to the multiculturalism is to prop a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird on a bookshelf, plop Precious in their VCR, and attend an ethnic expo as long as those doing the expositions are overwhelmed by masses of white people who show up to dine on egg rolls.

"Diversity is our strength," they say, but their lifestyle implies that it is something intended for the rest of us. They are also fond of rehearsing other axioms such as "We are a nation of immigrants."

The immigrants, of course, are expected to stay in the trailer parks on the colored side of town.

They will speak kindly to the colored janitor and live a vicariously integrated life through fictional television shows that feature token skins tones. They will enlist in Feed the Children programs and even donate to missionaries who occupy themselves converting Africans. They may even take a brief  mission trip themselves, always careful to take selfies to post on Facebook as validation in the form of denial to convince themselves and others that they are morally astute.

There are remedies to rid your neighborhood of these dour-faced hypocrites. The most effective means is to buy a few houses on the block and rent them to Negros. Implicit Jim Crow racists will promptly move to whiter pastures where, they hope, their property values will be protected. Gentrification, they say, is a wonderful thing. They just can't seem to find the right house that suits their needs.

The truth of the matter is: Those who are most vociferous in their supposed hatred of white racism are, in fact, practical white racists. That is, they practice what they pretend to oppose. It's despicable.

There are two things I detest: The first is real racism -- the unmitigated dislike of others due unchangeable racial attributes -- and the second is  hypocrisy -- the pretense that racial characteristics are not diverse.

After all, how can they celebrate diversity if it is a mere social construct? Hypocrisy!

Sad to say, most of us are surrounded by both.

*We know, of course, the term 'racist' is a misnomer. It is a neologism created for the express purpose of demonizing the bourgeois and victimizing the proletariat, two other neologisms that are false positives and exist nowhere but in the demented mind of Marxism.

Another truth of the matter is, then, that we exist in a world occupied by realists and delusionists. Fortunately, most of my neighbors belong in the first category and harbor no pretense of white privilege, yet another false positive invented by the Marxist mindset.

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  1. You just described my sister (an Obama supporter) to a tee.

  2. Brilliant and humanitarian in the truest sense of the word. Above all, you are a true humanitarian, Kenn- which is diametrically opposed to the Marxoid "humanist", which what these "implicit Jim Crow racists" are.

    Love that term BTW, going to use it as a weapon against these vermin.