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July 20, 2014

This seldom happens in white neighborhoods where white liberals hideout, insulating themselves from coarse truth while indulged in an alternate reality.

Prosecutors say that four black teens video recorded themselves raping a 15-year-old girl in her back yard. At least three of the Trayvons allegedly participated in the assault.

Such violence has been commonplace for generations. The advent of the Internet and the proliferation of video devices is making some Americans more aware of criminal black violence.

There are, of course, many other such violent acts that go unnoticed and without prosecution because the perpetrators didn't foolishly video record themselves.

Meanwhile, in white enclaves, white liberals pretend they are advocates of civil rights by acting out the roles they've internalize by watching mind-bending white-guilt movies and television programming.

If you are a white liberal barricaded in an insular white neighborhood and are aware of white teens video recording themselves committing rape, please alert us via the comment section below.

We want to be fair and balanced.

From our source we read:

Three Elmwood Park men and a borough 17-year-old are facing charges that they sexually assaulted a severely intoxicated girl and showed a video of the assault to others, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors charged 18-year-olds Craig Howe, Justin Draper and Ashari Wilson, as well as an unnamed 17-year-old male Thursday after a 15-year-old girl learned that she had been sexually assaulted by at least three of the suspects at a backyard gathering on June 21, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a news release Monday.

According to Molinelli, the 15-year-old girl was found unconscious by her parents on the front lawn of their Elmwood Park home on June 21. Her blood alcohol level was 0.27, more than three times the legal limit for adults.

On July 8, the alleged victim, accompanied by her parents and a friend, told Elmwood Park police that the 17-year-old male told her they had sex at the back yard gathering, Molinelli said. The alleged victim had no recollection of the event, but the accompanying friend told detectives that she had seen a video in which the alleged victim was sexually assaulted by multiple men while heavily intoxicated, authorities said.

The alleged assault occurred at 100 Falmout Avenue, the residence of Howe and Wilson.

Prosecutors say Draper, Howe and the 17-year-old had sexually penetrated the victim while Ashari Wilson filmed the assault on his iPhone. The video was later recovered and logged into evidence, Molinelli said.

Draper and Howe were both charged with one count of aggravated sexual assault and lodged in Bergen County Jail on $150,000 bail. Wilson faces charges of manufacturing child pornography, endangering the welfare of a minor, hindering apprehension, invasion of privacy, and possession of child pornography. He was remanded to Bergen County Jail on $200,000.

The 17-year-old was also charged on a juvenile complaint with aggravated sexual assault, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

Prosecutors did not immediately respond to questions seeking additional information.

We hear nothing from feminists because cultural Marxism places priority on racial victimization.

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  1. Rapist scum deserve to be tortured and then killed, absolute animals this will never make prime time news but every time one of them stubs a toe we have to hear about emmet till


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