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July 17, 2014

Seems to me a patriot would
WANT to be reported
to the SPLC!
Trolls, moles, and the feeble minded invent a wide variety of lame accusations to hurl at those who are the most effective at propagating truth while dispelling the myths of cultural Marxism.

One such feeble-minded troll-mole has a history of tarnishing the good reputations of patriots with accusations including 'homosexuality,' 'married to a [fill-in-the-blank],' and 'government spy.'

There is one accusation, however, that I find puzzling:
SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) informant.

If someone were to report me to the SPLC, I would be eternally grateful.

Quite frankly its a bit embarrassing to have managed a successful web site for over two and half years without the honor being classified a 'hate site' by the SPLC.

Why a feeble-minded troll-mole would want to accuse someone of being an SPLC informer defies comprehension. It seems to me it should be a paid position!

Furthermore, I am actively seeking a person or persons who would be so kind as to report to the SPLC. (Not a paid position, btw.) Besides the proverbial cap feather, a good-old smear by the SPLC would give this site a boost in traffic.

Flying under the SPLC's radar for 2.5 years is starting to fray my nerves. Your assistance at informing the SPLC that I am a nefarious kook who requires a good looking after would be much appreciated.

You may contact the SPLC here:
   Heidi Beirich
   Intelligence Project Director
   (888) 414-7752
When you contact them, please be lavish in your condemnation of me and my website.

Tell them I hate black people, red people, yellow people, goldfish, and bluebirds. None of that is true, but since when has the SPLC been interested in the truth?

You may also tell them I burn crosses, flags, and biscuits in my back yard. Those are also untrue (I burn biscuits in my kitchen) but, again, there needs to be a little flare in the report to help boost me to the top of the ratings and, yes, flare is a purposeful pun.

While being slandered by trolls, moles, and the feeble minded is, of itself, an honor -- they wouldn't do it were my site ineffective -- it lacks the distinctive prestige of being listed among such notables as Jared Taylor, American Border Patrol/American Patrol, American Family Association, Peter Brimelow, Joseph Farah's World Net Daily, and wide range of other patriots who love America, Western Culture, and hate cultural Marxism.

So, if you are willing to be an (unpaid) SPLC informant, I will be -- again -- eternally grateful.

Please notify me by Facebook private message, e-mail (if you know it), or simply add a comment to that effect below.

Let's ALL be SPLC informants!

Here's the contact information, again:
Heidi Beirich
Intelligence Project Director
(888) 414-7752
PS - If they require a photo, here's one you can send:

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  1. ha! I'm surprised you're not listed too. They spend every moment of their time on earth demonizing white people.