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July 17, 2014

The Obama administration faces a challenge: How far can they push open immigration before Americans rebel?

The answer: As far as they want.

Government agents have been progressively relaxing immigration standards with little protest -- let alone outrage -- from Americans. Currently the few 'refugees' caught crossing the border are being ordered to settle in the USA, then report to the Department of Homeland Security.

This was made evident from news reports of the murder of a Honduras 'refugee.'

The recent murder of Heidi Monroy and the 'refugee' from Guatemala accused of killing her lends insight into the Obama administration's orchestration and deployment of the so-caller 'humanitarian crisis.'

Arrested for the crime is Pedro Alberto Monterroso-Navas, 43. He is one of the few 'refugees' caught crossing the border with Mexico. Nonetheless, he was released rather than returned to his native Guatemala.

23-year-old Monroy had earlier been ordered to settle in the USA.

Monterroso-Navas and his children who crossed the border with him traveled to Metairie, Louisiana where he beat Monroy to death.

Some reports indicate Monterroso-Navas crossed the border with two children, other reports say he had three children. Likewise reports are conflicting regarding the number of children who crossed with Monroy.

With Monroy dead and Monterroso-Navas incarcerated the fate of the children is undetermined, but we suppose white American taxpayers will be covering their expenses.

Reports say government agents ordered  Monterroso-Navas to get settled in the United States, then report back to the agency.

It is apparent that the 'humanitarian crisis' is orchestrated by the Obama administration and executed by the Department of Homeland Security that is ostensibly screening 'refugees' for criminal behavior before sending them on their way to take up residence in the United States and, eventually, register to vote for Democrats.

The screening process is obviously not effective.

The fact of the matter is that Western culture is being displaced in our generation. While non-whites gloat in their success of taking down a culture spanning tens of thousands of years, the gloating will come to an abrupt end when they realize the technological advances -- including health care -- that enhances the lives of all people groups are also being displaced.

The agenda of the predatory left is literally etched in stone. The Georgia Guidestones inscription makes it clear the objective is to reduce humanity -- of all races -- to a mere 500 million. These are to live in perpetual harmony with nature. I translate to mean reversion to the mesolithic or even paleolithic era.

To fully grasp the agenda, ponder the plight of non-whites in so-called abortion clinics. The predatory left, hiding behind a pretense of racial harmony, cares no more for the future of non-whites crossing the border than they do for the non-white pre-born infants disposed by legal abortion.

Standing between the agenda of the predatory left and the wholesale destruction of humanity is Western civilization, its acute sense of altruism, and its innate innovation that enhances all people -- particularly evident in healthcare -- everywhere. To destroy humanity the predatory left must first destroy us and our life-enhancing technology.

They are well on their way.

We, meanwhile, hang our heads in shame as if we were the rascally racists they've convinced us we are. In reality we have ended legal chattel slavery, eradicated small pox and score of other deadly diseases, and provided the healthcare technology that will force sub-Saharan Africans to double their numbers in the next fifty years.

Such abstract concepts evade those whose world views are formed by cinematic productions.

Man accused of killing Metairie woman was a recent border-crosser ►
Family of slain Metairie woman lived in abject poverty, came from Honduras ►

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