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July 28, 2014

The human mind seems preset to adopt fatalistic fantasies of apocalypses followed by millennials.

Some fundamentalist Christians are certain that Tim LaHayes Left Behind series is fact based and lends permission to be apathetic, if not down-right indolent. Jesus is coming, they say. Then all will be re-calibrated as good triumphs over evil.

It makes sense. Such is the course of nature.

For generations our ancestors watched brutal winters give way to summer warmth. Greenery always grew from the ashes of volcanoes. Floods did occur; sometimes they were devastating. But the water always receded.

The problem is not in inevitable life cycles, but in the false equivalency that begets a fatalistic (or sometimes called deterministic) view. That view, in turn, prompts us to inaction. The resulting indolence in our greatest enemy.

Secularists do the same, weaving tales of the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes. "Go ahead," they say. "Allow Allia to sack Rome. It's a temporary set back. Time heals all wounds and within 1,500 years we'll get Frank Sinatra."

Seasons aside, great civilizations and their empires have come and gone. None has risen from the ashes. Greece did not recover the displacement of Rome (ask Antiochus Epiphanes IV) nor is the Sinatra legacy a fitting reassurance. Even the neo-Babylonians were a far cry from their predecessors.

Once destroyed, cultures tend to stay destroyed. There is no seasonal rotation, no millennial following the apocalypse, and no sprigs growing in gray ashes.

Indolence, again, is our greatest enemy.

James, the reputed brother of Jesus, said as much when he penned the words, "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone." 

What will they do when there are no more
white hands to feed them?
Death can be destructive.

Consider the age of discovery. Ships sailed from European harbors to the far reaches of the world. Aboard were an assortment of brave explorers to chart the course, seasoned sailors to set the sails, and a crew of dotes to pull the ropes. Those boats were also laden with rats. Once anchor was set, a gray critter would occasionally make its way to a pristine pacific island where it and its offspring would destroy ecosystems that took millions of years to develop. Those pristine havens will never recover.

Western civilization is, of course, more vital than a remote island in the Pacific. It is a culture that has developed over thousands of years. The innovative minds that gave us life-enhancing innovations will not recover in some distant millennial age. Once gone, they will stay gone and the earth will host  new generations that revert below the Dark Ages to Mesolithic -- or even Paleolithic -- existence. Humanity will, finally, be at one with nature and that is precisely how the predatory left envisions it.

Those who embrace the silly notion that Western culture must endure a chaff burning to allow it to rise from the ashes should consider that DNA doesn't work that way. Once critical mass tilts the scale against us, there will be no turning back. The people group that sends monthly checks to support little brown children in South America will be gone forever. Those who endow the sub-Saharans with obscene cash flows will be gone and the rivers of prosperity will dry up at their headwaters. If you cringe today at the sight of little pot-bellied, bony black bodies, imagine the scale of famine that awaits the next generation when there are no more white hands to administer vaccines or to feed hungry mouths.

While Obama fiddles in Washington with the prospect of importing hordes of future Democrats, we play our hand defensively; always careful lest we be labeled as racists. Our inaction is no more effective than those whose fatalism moves them to idly anticipate some hair-brained future renaissance or re-emergence from the ruins of civilization. It is, in the end, a false equivalence.

The rats have already left the ship as more make their way to our shores. Allia is no longer at the gates, he is in the city square letting blood at every opportunity. His mind is set to plunder, not to rebuild an empire.

We are quite literally at a do-or-die juncture. Fatalists fantasize about a future millennial that will follow the apocalypse and so they chose to do nothing. That leaves a single option: Die.

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  1. Great article. Depressing, but it's good to have company. I have been thinking this for a long time, and now with Obama flooding our country purposely with illegals and watching Americans just going about their business ignoring it, including politicians, I've really lost hope.