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July 28, 2014

I suppose it's a matter of semantics.

What makes a neighborhood good or bad depends on several factors. A housing addition in the middle of the Mojave without water or air conditioning would, by most accounts, be a bad neighborhood.

Sometimes the difference between good and bad can be narrowed down to one factor: People.

When violent people move in, non-violent people move out. It's a demographic dance that's been going on for generations.

So one has to wonder what was on the mind of a Louisville police spokesman when he told the media, "Obviously, we have a great area here."

A friend and former resident dares to disagree, calling the neighborhood a "cesspool."

Granted, the trees are nice and the sidewalks seem to have few cracks. Some of the structures appear to be well maintained.

But students complain of ongoing crime. It wasn't far from this "great area" that a mob of thugs terrorized residents during the city's "Thunder over Louisville."

More recently came the news that a gunfight had erupted after a resident stood his ground during an armed robbery.

"It happened around 8:20 a.m. at Jackson and Liberty," said our news source, "not far from the University of Louisville's dental school and in front of an apartment complex. That's where police say a man armed with a gun tried to rob another man, but that man had a gun, too.

"Investigators say the two shot each other. Both men were taken to University Hospital, but police tell us their injuries are not life-threatening. U of L confirms one of the victims is an employee at the dental school and is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg."

So if the spokesman is defining "great" in terms of the color of the tree, then I suppose he has a point. If he's speaking in reference to the school employee who felt compelled to carry a gun for self defense, then, again, I would echo, "Great!"

But if amid the green trees and the workers who have the good sense to defend themselves are village-raised criminals who boldly commit violent crimes in the light of day, the greatness of trees and armed citizens would necessarily have to surrender to reality and we'd conclude that the neighborhood is a cesspool.

From our source we read:
Police tell us they are investigating a number of robberies in the area involving U of L students. This is the fourth armed robbery in the area in the past three weeks. In an e-mail sent to students and staff at U of L's dental school last week, officials warned of robberies on Marshall Street on July 10, July 22, and July 23.

"Obviously, we have a great area here," said LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell. "Those are wonderful apartments, it looks like. But certainly, with individuals being accosted, being robbed, it's not something we're going to tolerate, and hopefully that ends today."

Police do not know if those robberies are related to Monday's shooting, but are hoping to find out more as the investigation continues.

"Obviously finding out more about this situation and if they're connected, having that individual removed from the streets will be a great credit to our community," said Mitchell.
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