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July 20, 2014

I am aware of only two types of leftwingers in America.

First are those who are under exposed to and, consequently, unaware of violent black crime.Second are those who live in willful denial.

The majority of white leftists -- those in the first category -- fail to realize that their ignorance exasperates violent black crime. By indulging in denial white liberals are complicit in the crime cultural that is epidemic throughout America's black communities. Every bullet fired and every drop of blood shed in black urban areas are due in part to the inaction enabled by white leftists who insulate and isolate themselves in suburbia.

Watching white guilt movies does nothing but make matters worse.

The solution?

Like any deprogramming effort, white liberals can be rescued from cultural Marxism by exposure to the reality they deny. That can be accomplished by requiring liberals to immerse themselves in the violent black culture they pretend doesn't exist.

I recommend a minimum three-month stay at a Chicago housing project.

The video below -- produced by The History Channel is a starting point for deprogramming.

Sad to say the handful of delusional white liberals who read this blog lack the courage and character to watch and listen...

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  1. I recommend a life sentence. Split the country and leave the white liberals with their multicultural Utopian fantasy, and the rest of us will create a new country and get on with real life.

    Excellent article.

  2. 3 people who would fit in the latter category would be Nancy Pelosi, Luke Visconti and Tim Wise.