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July 23, 2014

Occasionally a liberal will say something so out of range that it's newsworthy.

Such was the case Tuesday when Nancy Pelosi compared unaccompanied illegal alien minors to 'baby Jesus.'

In lieu of logic the predatory left routinely appeals to emotions. In this case, the effort falls flat to those who bother to engage their brains.

First, Jesus was never abandoned by his parents.

Second, the excursion of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem did not warrant refugee status. Bethlehem was actually their home.

Third, the biblical narrative notes that Joseph and Mary avoided Herod's attempt to kill their child by temporarily escaping to Egypt. In this case the refugee status could possibly be made, but the family was not attempting to avoid poverty and cultural violence. They were avoiding a tyrannical government. That is, they were avoiding Nancy Pelosi.

Fourth, children dumped in the United States are not refugees. They are illegal aliens sent her to allow their parents to gain a foothold while bypassing citizenship procedures, a climate caused by the lunatic left, include Pelosi. Joseph and Mary never dumped Jesus in a foreign country as a ploy to gain a foothold for personal gain.

Fifth, the 'children' being dumped in America are not babies.

Sixth, a more accurate term would be 'unaccompanied illegal alien minors' rather than 'refugee children.'

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