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July 7, 2014

It is me? Or is there a foray of instances in which the 'n' word is being used of late?

It appears the media is determined to convince us that white hatred and bigotry is alive an well as attested by the the ongoing use of the 'n' word and rants by billionaire basketball tycoons.

Erstwhile the media is hushed silent on the onslaught of black-on-white 'lynchings' in recent weeks, including a frail man who was beaten to death a San Antonio Amtrak station and a young Florida man who was shot in the head by his black neighbor for being a tad bit to vociferous.

The latest evidence of white racism was a headline published in the Westview News of West Village, a neighborhood in New York City.

The headline bluntly stated, " at the White House."

Americans -- and white people worldwide -- are embroiled in neurosis that compels them to accept an bizarre alternate reality in which using an offensive pejorative is the most severe form of racism while beating a man to death and executing another are hardly worth a notice.

One gets the idea that news sources such as are awakening white people blinded by cultural Marxism forcing the predatory left to find every little scrap of white racism it can distort to keep their zombies in a cult-like delusional trance.

From our source we read:

The WHAT in the White House?

Well-heeled West Villagers will be in for a rude surprise when they open the latest copy of their local newspaper and see the headline, “The N—-r in the White House” — except without the dashes.

The shocking headline in the WestView News is a reference to President Obama and sits at the top of Page 15 above an opinion piece that criticizes what it calls the anti-black “racism” of far-right voters.

The convoluted screed by author and journalist James Lincoln Collier is actually a pro-Obama piece — but that didn’t stop West Villagers from decrying the printing of the slur.

“It’s disrespectful in any context to refer to the president of the United States as the N-word,” said one West Villager, Eugene May.

“If you were quoting something or referring to the historic context of the word being used, I can understand the justification,” said May, 31.
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So, in case you missed it: Saying the 'n' word is racism. Lynching white people is neither racist nor worth noticing.

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