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July 14, 2014

Somewhere Oprah must be smiling.

Friends, family, and neighbors gathered for a memorial at the Walgreen's in Jersey City where a police officer was slain in the line of duty Sunday. The memorial, however, was not for the officer but for the thug who killed him.

Lawrence Campbell, 27, shot and killed Officer Melvin Santiago, 23, in an ambush.

Neighbors rue the bad press Campbell is receiving, saying he was a really nice guy. The wife of Campbell, Angelique, chimed in musing that her husband should have killed more cops.

Campbell went to Walgreen's where he assaulted a security guard and snatched his gun. Campbell tried to kill the 58-year-old guard, but the gun malfunctioned. The guard, identified as Pastor Pierre Monsanto, suffered slash along his jawbone during the assault.

A call was made from the store, apparently by Campbell, reporting an armed robbery. There was no robbery, however, only Campbell and an accomplice plotting to ambush the police when they arrived.

Apologies were offered to a customer as Campbell waited outside the Walgreen's for the police arrival. He arrogantly suggested the patron watch the news. He was going to be famous.

When the police arrived Campbell opened fire. He shot Santiago dead before he even exited his patrol car. A bullet to Santiago's head ended the young officer's life.

Campbell then fired three more shots at a second patrol car prompting the officers to return fire. Campbell was killed.

Mayor Steven Fulop called Angelique Campbell's comments "ignorant" and "disgusting."

Reports say Campbell was suspect of a previous homicide.

Hate for police and white people are fomented by people like Oprah who produce propaganda movies that project a false reality that gullible individuals internalize and confuse with reality. Campbell's mind appears to have been saturated with such nonsense. The cost hate was one 23-year-old policeman; and Oprah complains that a clerk wouldn't show her an expensive purse.

From our source we read:
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop lashed out at residents memorializing the man who gunned down a rookie cop Sunday.

A temporary memorial was on display Monday in the neighborhood where Lawrence Campbell, 27, lived. It includes candles, ballons and empty liquor bottles. On a pair of white T-shirts, friends have left messages that read “thug in peace” and “see you on the other side,” WCBS 880′s Marla Diamond reported.

Police say Campbell ambushed Officer Melvin Santiago, 23, as he and his partner responded to a call at a 24-hour Walgreens on Communipaw Avenue and John F. Kennedy Boulevard around 4 a.m. Sunday. 
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