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July 21, 2014

Marshall Applegate and Charles Robert Moore:
Two true believers who ended their own
lives because their minds were saturated
with false positives. 
The mind is a terrible thing to waste and nothing is more wasteful than allowing one's mind to be engulfed in inflammatory rhetoric. Such misguided thinking -- when taken to the extreme -- can lead to murder or even suicide.

The tragedy of Jim Jones's people temple and the suicides within the Heaven's Gate religious cults burn fresh in my mind.

How can intelligent, compassionate people allow their minds to become so delusional that they would kill themselves?

Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute may have answers. Ross has invested most of his life studying extremist cults their bizarre, mind-bending delusions.

The followers of Marshall Applegate's Heaven's Gate gave their lives in the false belief that spaceship trailed the Hale-Bopp comet. Their mind's were so convinced of this false positive that they divested themselves of life as a sort of boarding pass.

Likewise the terrorists who flew jetliners into the World Trade Center buildings were wholly convinced the agony of a firy death would be instantly painful but infinitely rewarding as a slew of virgins awaited them in heaven's bliss.

Another cult has claimed a life in similar fashion.

The mind of Charles Robert Moore, a Texas minister, was so haunted by an obsession with cultural Marxism lies that he committed suicide to be with the black folks who were lynched by white racists.

Anthony Johnson was America's
first lawful slave owner. 
Perhaps Rick Ross can explain how the human  mind can be so twisted with false positives such as spaceships, heavenly virgins, and racism that it decides to self destruct.

Moore, 79, doused himself with gasoline and set himself ablaze as a means of transporting himself to be with his imagined innocent victims of lynchings.

Like the Heaven's Gate suicides, Moore left word explaining his determination to self demise. In a typewritten note he expressed disdain that America had never properly repented of slavery, for example. Did Rev. Moore not know that white people were responsible for ending thousands of years of legal chattel slavery? Had no one informed him that the first legal slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer name Anthony Johnson? Was he not aware that thousands of American blacks owned blacks for slave labor? Had Oprah-like hate movies so penetrated his thinking that he, himself, became a victim of his own anti-white bigotry? Apparently.

Some would suggest that Moore was simply insane. I would concur, but add that all who are misled by cult of the predatory left are quite mad.

Granted, Moore's advanced age may have contributed to his distorted thinking. But those false thoughts would not have existed were it not for their proliferation by cultural Marxism.

Our conclusion is that America need not repent of its white racism but, rather, acknowledge the extent of its white guilt delusion. It must repent -- not of white racism, but of white guilt -- before our entire culture is engulfed in the flames of ignorance and misguided, mind manipulation of cultural Marxism.

Our cultural self destruction is no less real than that of Marshall Applegate and Charles Robert Moore.

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