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July 31, 2014

To say it's open season on white people is no exaggeration.

A black teen can kill you and do less than a year in jail.

The coarse reality is perplexing a Bronx family whose husband and father was killed by a black teen 'playing' the knock-out game.

Ildefonso Romero Jr. was killed by a single punch while attempting to rescue a girl from a mob of black thugs.

The attacker is charged with a misdemeanor.

America's justice system is attempting overcome economic disparities by keeping young blacks out of the penal system, even after they commit deadly crimes. The concept is called disparate impact and the premise is that blacks suffer an economic disparity due to the impact of a disciplinary record. In theory, a black adult looking for employment is less likely to be hired or to obtain a high-paying job if he or she has a history of being disciplined. The solution is to avoid disparate impact by not punishing black offenders.

The outcome is a perversion of justice as experienced by the family of Ildefonso Romero Jr.

How would you react if your beloved family member were killed by a sucker punch and the killer were charged with a misdemeanor?

From our news source we read: 

A grieving Bronx family is stunned that the teen accused of sucker-punching their father and husband is being charged with a misdemeanor that could result in the suspect doing less than a year in jail.

Ildefonso Romero Jr. died days after a teenage boy allegedly sucker-punched him outside his home on Thieriot Avenue in Soundview on June 21. Witnesses said Romero had been protecting a girl from local teens who were apparently causing trouble in the street, and one of the teens punched Romero.

Romero fell and hit his head on the curb, and his son found him unconscious on the ground.

"I'm holding his hand and I'm looking at him and asking him, you know, 'Papi, wake up, Papi, get up,' and he wouldn't respond," said Noel Romero, the victim's son.

Ildefonso Romero's wife Jenny Guevarez said tearfully, "I kept on calling his name so he could wake up."
Romero died June 24.

Police arrested a 17-year-old, and though prosecutors believe he caused Romero's death, the Bronx district attorney's office has charged him with misdemeanor assault, which means he could end up serving less than a year if he's convicted.

"This guy kills my father and he's only gonna serve a year in jail? What kind of justice is that?" asked Noel Romero.

"A slap on the wrist, it's not fair," added Jennifer Perez, the victim's daughter.

The district attorney's office wouldn't comment other than to say the evidence didn't warrant additional charges. Sources familiar with the case say the district attorney believes there was no recklessness or intent to cause serious bodily harm.

Attorney information for the suspect wasn't immediately available.

Romero's family says the charge doesn't amount to justice for a man who raised five children, was two years shy of retiring from his job at Lincoln Hospital and was killed days before turning 60 and celebrating 34 years of marriage.

"I was planning his 60th birthday," said Guevarez. "A surprise party, and the surprise was for us. In one second, they took his life away."

Local officials are asking the district attorney's office to upgrade the charges, and are also drafting legislation that would make it mandatory for similar one-punch crimes to result in more jail time.
How tragic it is that white people are considered racists if they ask an Asian where they're from or take note of a black persons nappy hair.

It appears to me that murdering a white person is the more extreme form of racism.

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  1. What is going on?! How can survive until 2015 with this president? I'm already making plans to move from my close-to-the-border southwest Agenda 21 city to the Northwest. Nothing is going to happen unless whites take things into their own hands. White people won't do anything but run!

  2. How would you react if your beloved family member were killed by a sucker punch and the killer were charged with a misdemeanor? Bang-Bang -Bang.

  3. kill him when he gets out of the meantime, kill his mother and family members...send a message like Obama's Muslim Jihadi buddies send messages, like the old Mafia used to send messages..

    1. That's what it would take. Voting is useless.

  4. If you read Hobbes, Rousseau and other political philosophers long enough you start to realize that the reason a person has no supposed right to seek revenge under the old law of lex talionis is b/c the state arrogates to itself the sole right to publish offenders, under the assumption that it does a better job dispensing fair and equitable justice than armed vigilantes.

    Now the question I put to readers is this. When the state no longer has an interest in dispensing justice on the part of Whites, then what compelling interests do White people still have to abide by its authority?

    The justice system was set up to end the practice of blood feuds. But if the government doesn't operate under the terms of the social contract, what reason does this man's family not have to go spill this man's blood themselves, since the government has hereby abnegated its authority.?

    I believe Nature would sanction this man's family slaying the perpetrator. The government by its wanton malfeasance has de facto reverted this man's family back to the state of nature, under natural law, as they existed before the social contract was made.

    This means anything goes. It's eye for eye. Welcome to the Terror Dome!