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July 21, 2014

I live in Jimcrowsville.

That is, I live in a racially segregated neighborhood that is dominated almost exclusively by white people.

None of my neighbors propagate Jim Crow, but all of them practice it.

Not that I mind; after all, I do the same.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy of the few who vociferously eschew the evils of racial segregation even as they are living, breathing examples of it.

None of my neighbors, to my knowledge, holds animosity towards non-whites. The closest thing to a hate crime is the scowl I get from the gossipy old hag who hates my web site and, vicariously, me.

It's odd.

Day after day my security camera is trained on the front porch watching friends and family come and go. I've never seen a face that isn't white.

To their credit I must admit that my neighbors do not live here to escape racial association. Rather, they live here because the streets are quiet, the grass is trimmed, and the most notable offense in the past ten years was the guy who thought a Chevy short block 327 made an attractive lawn ornament.

There was one incident of notable concern a few years ago: An escaped convict sought refuge in our neighborhood, hiding out in a utility shed down the street. To his dismay the hiding place he chose at random coincidentally was in the backyard of a state trooper.

In 2012 I stood in a long line to vote. All the other voters were white except one black man. Romney won our precinct by a landslide. Obama only got one vote.

What sets me apart from most -- if not all -- of my neighbors is I am the sole resident who grew up in an urban environment. I attended a black high school, ate lunch day-after-day with at least a thousand black students, and ended each gym class showering midst naked Negro bodies who, contrary to popular thought, can't sing nearly was well as one would think. The pain of being forced to listen to a dozen 14-year-old naked Temptations-wanna-bes -- everyone of them tone deaf -- is argument enough for segregation.

I also suspect that I am the only resident in Jimcrowsville who, as a teenager, invested many hours each week voluntarily visiting the homes of black children in Indy's housing projects.

That experience also sets me apart from white people who live in an alternate reality crafted by clever screenwriters and uploaded to their minds where it resides in the form of misguided altruism.

• Trumping the race card

Experience is a great teacher and truth is: The ace card trumps the race card.

The ace card that trumps the race card is reality; the realization that only comes with experience.

That has been made evident in other Indiana communities.

A case in point is the Simon property known as Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis. Once a bustling, busy retail center, the place is now a ghost town comprised of rows of empty shops punctuated with occasional shoddy stores.

What happened?

If you ask the Trojans who hawk their cultural Marxism on television, the mall has succumbed to perception. That is, shoppers stay away in droves simply because they think its a dangerous haven of criminality. The truth is that Lafayette Square is the victim of practical Jim Crow. When blacks overwhelmed the center, whites self-segregated themselves by shopping elsewhere.

Jim Crow has never been officially propagated in Indiana, but it has always been practiced. My neighborhood is an example of white clustering. There is no sign that reads, "Whites only!" but that is the practice with a few exceptions. The same is true of Lafayette Square. There is not "Colored only!" sign attached to the entry, but it's a de facto policy.

When black crime moves in, white flight ensues. It is not an animus to skin tone, but a reaction to crime.

• Encroaching Jim Crow

I warned readers that black crime would encroach upon the northern white neighborhoods of Indianapolis.

It's happening. Where violent black crime casts its dark shadow, white people stay away. Like my good neighbors who are anxious to declare their repugnance with racism -- even as they practice Jim Crow segregation -- white people rent U-Haul trailers with no animus towards black invaders. There is always some other reason for their departure. In droves.

Still, data is what it is and the facts reveals that violence permeates virtually every black community in the nation.

That's not to say that all blacks are violent nor that all violent crime is committed by blacks. It's a mere observation; like taking note that the earth is round and not flat.

Facts are what they are.

While communities dominated by East Asians are among the safest in the world, those that are predominantly white are nearly as safe.

Not so with black communities. And when black patrons encroached upon the Broad Ripple night club scene in north Indianapolis, violence followed.

Seven young Hoosier adults suffered the pain of gunshot wounds recently when two males settled a dispute with handguns. Both escaped unscathed and unidentified. Seven others did not.

What's next?

The encroaching violence will drive away patrons who will head north to whiter pastures in hopes of escaping black violence. Virtually all will express repugnance with racism even as they personally apply the segregation principles of Jim Crow.

I know. I reiterate: I live in such a community where white folks live in peace and safety far from gun blasts that echo through the nights in Indianapolis.

All express repugnance with Jim Crow even as they segregate themselves. That's neither to condemn nor pass unwarranted judgement on decent people who want to live in safe neighborhoods. It is, rather, to underscore the hypocrisy that has become the norm among white Americans.

• Practical vs propagated Jim Crow

We say we oppose Jim Crow's racial segregation even as we segregate ourselves. We practice racial segregation; hence the term, practical Jim Crow.

Black violence is an ongoing problem that only the willfully ignorant or the unexposed care to deny -- and that encompasses nearly all white people.

Year-after-year Indianapolis is home to Black Expo. And year-after-year violence mars the events leaving the media to quote aghast reverends who assure us such violence is exceptional rather then the rule.

They sure could use a little good news.

This year actually was the exception. Headlines in Indianapolis ruefully boasted that Black Expo has been blessed with a crime-free year. None seems aware that the headlines touting a crime-free black event is a testimony to the terror black Americans face everyday and the violent crime that has soiled past Black Expo events.

Recall Anne Murray's melodic wish for Good News Today? Such was reality when Indianapolis news outlets reported no one got shot at Black Expo this year.

It's a terror that predatory white liberal racism chooses to ignore.

The problem will not solve itself, nor will it go away by denial. For its part, the predatory left seems pleased to see the violence continue. It provides an impetus to propagate against the Second Amendment and a nonsensical excuse to lay blame at the feet of white privilege.

To those who scowl with disapproval, I repeat the question asked by the Apostle Paul two thousand years ago: Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? [Galatians 4:16].

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  1. "To their credit I must admit that my neighbors do not live here to escape racial association." Why is that to their credit? Everything your site shows about Blacks suggests that they are dangerous to be around. Which, statistically, is true. For your neighbors to have moved in order to avoid racial association would only be rational and virtuous, protecting their families. You need to be more congruent with your own website.