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July 27, 2014

Let's ignore the fact that the predatory left used the term fascism as a synonym for racism.

The two are not the same.

Let's focus, instead, on the cultural Marxism myth that diversity begets strength. It doesn't; nor more than loose strands begets a rope.

In Italy the influx of waves of non-white migrants from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East is breeding a sense of urgency that is grounded in simple reality: Western culture -- Italian culture -- is being displaced.

Unlike the sacking of Rome in the late 4th century, the current balkanization is non-white and at the invitation of the predatory left that governs that nation. Once the critical mass has tilted the scales, Italy will be no more.

No wonder Italians are reacting in rage. Some are going to the extreme and, while we may not embrace those extremities, it is certainly no worse than the prospects of a human tsunami eroding -- forever -- a culture that has thrived for tens of thousands of years.

The media tell us the racial hatred is reviving in Italy and across Europe as white people react to their national homes being illegally invaded. If true, then the cure for racism would be a lock-down of Western borders with the intensity of security that is seen in Iran, North Korea, Israel, Mexico, and virtually every other non-Western nation.

From our source article we read:
The reawakening of fascism is like an infectious disease, the "fever" of Paolo Marchetti's photographs. "It's inside you," says Fulvio, head of the SPQR skinheads. "You can feel it grow and you realise you can't sit by and watch while things are happening that you don't like. One of the survivors of the Social Republic [the last phase of Mussolini's fascist state] paid us the biggest compliment in a way, when he said, 'In our day, you couldn't sit on the fence. You were on one side or the other. It was easier because you were forced to choose. But you lot today, what do you do it for?'

"In the early 90s, people just saw us as ignorant, drunken louts. We have had to break down a lot of prejudices to get the right to accept us. There were a lot of tensions in those days, not like now. For us, being skinheads is a framework; it's a way of life, but it's not the most important thing. What really matters is the political ideology. We have brothers who aren't even skinheads; others who look and dress like us, but they don't have the same ideas."
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Of course, any opposition to the displacement of Western culture will be described by the mainstream Marxist media as racism.

And about fascism.

Fascism is understood relative to context and in the context refers to the relationship between government and the economy.

From the Latin word fasces that is a bundle of wood rods bound by leather. The rods, representing every aspect of society, are bound by a leather strap that represents government. In simple terms, fascism exists when government controls, but doesn't replace, elements of a nation.

When government controls business, for example, it is a form of fascism. The government in China -- that effectively owns a stake in every business -- is fascist. The government bailouts of business exercised by the Bush and Obama administrations were a form fascism. They bound business to government.

The Department of Education is another rod in the fascist bundle as is the Environmental Protection Agency. The Federal Reserve, which is not a government institution, is also fascist due to relationship with the federal government.

The cultural Marxist myth is that nationalism, racism, and fascism are virtually interchangeable, synonyms.

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  1. Particular government or quasi-goverment agencies are not properly rods in the bundle but part of the straps. They are not fascist but part of an overall government arrangement that is now fascist due to the extreme amount of control over the economy and, hence, the population.



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