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July 1, 2014

See video below
Nearly a dozen people stood and watched as an elderly grandmother was beaten and robbed in a Walmart parking lot.

A security video shows a large black woman approached her in a vehicle. The attacker stopper her car, hopped out, and began wailing on 73-year-old Inga Evans.

Police say the only trace of the attacker is a transaction made at a nearby McDonalds with Evans' debit card.

From our source we read:

A Fort Worth grandmother says she was beaten and robbed in the middle of the day as people stood nearby and watched it happen.

The attack happened Friday afternoon in the parking lot of a Fort Worth Walmart.

Victim Inga Evans, 73, now worries about others until her attacker is caught.

Each time she closes her eyes, it's the same nightmare for Evans.

“I’m so afraid to go to the grocery store; anywhere,” said Evans.

The torturing mental images she remembers can be seen on surveillance video.

Around noon on Friday, Inga is seen walking through the Walmart parking lot on Berry Street when she's approached by a woman.

“She was built stocky; she was like a tank,” said Evans.

The woman wanted Evans’ purse.

“I wasn't going to just give her my purse,” said Evans.

The woman then tried to grab it, and Evans put up a fight as the woman allegedly hit her in the face.

Evans fell to the concrete, and the attacker got the purse and a cell phone and took off.

Aside from trying to use Evans’ stolen debit card at a McDonald's down the street, Fort Worth police have no trace of the attacker.

“I am sure I wasn't the first one, and if they don't catch her, I will not be the last,” said Evans.

Evans sustained cuts, aches and busted blood vessels, but perhaps her greatest injury is what can’t be seen.

“I see her in front of me all the time,” said Evans. “…My confidence, my belief in humankind that 10 people stood there watching it and nobody, nobody came to help.”

Evans’ neighbor, Teresa Matthews, now goes with her everywhere for safety reasons.

“They're cruel,” said Matthews. “Whoever did it needs to be caught.”

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