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July 8, 2014

Germany, meet Cloward-Priven.

The Cloward-Priven Strategy arose in the 1960s when Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven figured we could make the entire population of the country dependent on government -- and thus 'equal' -- by overwhelming welfare systems and forcing federal bureaucrats to wield unprecedented power.

The strategy is working well in America where hordes of non-white illegal aliens are taxing everything from water supplies to hospital emergency rooms.

What can destroy Western culture in the USA can destroy it in Germany as well.

That is the hard lesson being learned by a few observant Germans as their nation is overwhelmed by immigrants who couldn't develop their own countries, so they decided to live on the dole in Europe.

Question: Who opened the door?

From our source we read:

Last Friday, the state interior ministers of Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) convened for a meeting at the stately Westin Bellevue in Dresden, with a view of the Elbe River and the baroque historic city center. But they weren't here to discuss the views -- the subject at hand was much grimmer: packed school gymnasiums, dwellings made out of shipping containers, cots and other logistical aspects of Germany's refugee crisis.

Part of the job of state interior ministers in Germany is to ensure that refugees who make their way into country are provided with acceptable accommodations. If you travel through Germany's cities, you can often see evidence that state governments haven't been doing their jobs well -- and that they've been overstrained by the sheer number of people seeking assistance, which has risen dramatically for months.
Officials had been hoping that Thomas de Maizière, Germany's federal interior minister and a member of Chancellor Merkel's CDU, might present a realistic solution at the Dresden meeting. Germany's federal parliament passed a new law penned by de Maizière on Thursday that defines Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina -- the sources of a massive wave of refugees to Germany during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s -- as "safe countries of origin" and expedites the process of rejecting asylum applications for citizens from these countries.

Although de Maizière praised the law at the meeting, it is unlikely that it will be approved by the Bundesrat, Germany's second legislative chamber, which represents the interests of the states -- the CDU and SPD do not have a majority in the Bundesrat, and the Green Party has already expressed its displeasure with the proposed law. And even if it is approved, it isn't clear if the new rules can slow the influx of refugees.

During their consultations, the ministers gave the impression that developments have caught the country by surprise -- almost as if they were being overrun by it. But in fact, large numbers of refugees have been making their way to Germany from the world's crisis zones for two years now.

Officials Moved too Slowly to Address Problems

The refugees in Germany are fleeing many things: the civil war in Syria, the recent wave of terror in Iraq, torturous regimes but also, in many cases, a life of poverty and no prospects, be it in Africa or as a member of the Roma minority in Serbia. Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) estimates that as many as 175,000 people will apply for asylum in Germany this year alone, the highest number seen in the past 20 years and double the figure for 2013.
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The problem that white liberals love to ignore is the fact that residents of failed nations bring their failure with them. I call it cultural thermodynamics. Like an ice cube in a cup of hot coffee, the two temperatures meet somewhere in the middle. The influx of massive immigration to Western civilization will have a chilling effect on the culture and subsequent economics, forcing "social and economic justice," otherwise known as collectivist poverty and crime.

Telling the truth, however, will get you labeled a 'racist.'

Those of us with critical and abstract thinking skills understand that -- as Western culture succumbs to Cloward-Priven -- those who will suffer the most will be non-whites. In reality, therefore, white liberals who support cultural Marxism are the true racists.

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