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July 19, 2014

The predatory left has turned America into an outhouse.

But don't say it out loud. You'll be executed.

• Crisis in Norflolk

We all know that racism is the ostensible excuse to muzzle free speech, but we never know how far it will go until we get there.

Having recently arrived in Norkfolk, Nebraska, the muzzlers from the Department of Justice were piqued --then peeved -- when residents expressed their disdain for the worst president in American history by parading (literally) an outhouse in his honor.

The event was -- ironically -- the town's July 4 parade, a day in which Americans are supposed to celebrate liberty, not be punished for expressing it.

At issue was a flatbed truck towing an outhouse labeled "Obama Presidential Library."

Eric Holder's Dept. of Justice sent a representative to the town to investigate complaints of racism.

The syllogism following thusly:

a. Criticizing Obama is racist because he's black.
b. The outhouse-towing-truck criticized Obama.
c. The outhouse-towing truck, therefore, was racist.

Even if the float had been overtly racist -- which  is wasn't -- the expression of racial views is not illegal.

The predatory left, however, has progressively pressed civil rights theory to expand its encroachment upon personal rights. The freedom of speech is commonly attacked by the predatory left because it influences thought processes that, in turn, influences public policy.

Government thugs need an excuse to muzzle us and the civil rights theory is the most effectively gag, so that is what they use.

In short, the race card is a form of muzzle designed to shush free thinkers from expressing their thoughts as free speech.

Or, when you lose your freedom of speech, you lose your freedom of thought.

And so it came to pass that Eric Holder commissioned an agent employed under the guise of Community Relations Service to investigate. The unnamed shadowy figure arrived in Norfolk to discuss the racist outhouse with the town's mayor, the parade organizers and, of course, the NAACP (Norfolk's population is 1.5% CP).

We see, then, that the minuscule black population in a white community can invoke the wrath of Washington thugs on their neighbors simply by crying racism where there is no real racism.

No wonder Eric Holder wants every neighborhood in America to include token blacks. It gives the feds an excuse to shush criticism of idiotic leftist policies under the guise of the outhouse-is-racist principle.

Let's recap.

Free speech can be gagged if it is deemed racism, even when it has nothing to do with race.

• Pilfering current laws

The predatory left seldom finds it necessary to create new laws. Rather, it merely redefines old laws and imposes them on the rest of us.

Here's an absurd example for purpose of illustration.

1. First degree murder is unlawful and punishable by death.
2. The predatory left redefines outhouse racism as a form of first degree murder.
3. Consequently, anyone convicted of parading an outhouse can be executed.

While the absurdities aren't that expansive, that is the direction we are headed.

Here's an equally absurd, but real life example:

1. A manger scene constitutes an endorsement of religion.
2. An endorsement of religion constitutes an establishment of a religion.
3. Consequently, one establishes a religion by displaying a manger scene. .

• Whites only

The irony of all this is that Hollywood churns out anti-white guilt movies several times each year.

Marxism, however, conveniently packages Americans as villainous racists (bourgeois)  and their victims (proletariat). The bourgeois is a de facto whites-only class. Therefore, only whites can be executed for racism.

That's why non-white affinity groups are acceptable while white affinity groups are racist.

Americans are routinely conditioned to believe that white people are innately racist and everything they say transcends mere suspicion. That is, if a white person speaks, his or her words are racist.

Seriously? Seriously.


• How far will it go?

Three viral YouTube videos demonstrate that very fact.

The first is titled If Latinos Said the Stuff White People Say. Framed in the context of roll-on-the-floor humor, the video teaches Hispanics to be hypersensitive to virtually everything white people say and to interpret their every words as racist.

The video has over 1 million hits.

Another is titled If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say. With over 2 million hits, the video has the same purpose: To censor whites and call out Holder's henchmen anytime a black person can distort words spoken by whites.

The most popular is What Kind of Asian Are You. This YouTube video has over 7 million hits and teaches East Asians to be highly offended at racist white who dare to make small talk by asking such innate and mundane questions as, "Where are you from?"

• Conclusion

The end analysis is that Holder's incursion on free speech in Nebraska is patently anti-white racism.

The conclusion is that the predatory left has turned America into an outhouse.

But don't say it out loud. You'll be executed.

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  1. I can't even leave a rational comment on this article. I can't tell you how enraged I was when I heard that Eric Holder was getting involved in this issue. Now I know why whites have such an incredibly high suicide rate. I can't believe I'm living through this.

  2. Eric Holder can commission all the Community Relations people he wants to go to Nebraska but it is perfectly, 100 % legal to make explicitly racist, anti-black or other racist statements and displays. It is NOT legal to make threats in word or deed against the President or anyone else which is not what the guy with the outhouse did. I hope he stands his ground and does the smart thing and refuses to talk to ANY government official. Period. If the U.S. government wants to charge him with a crime then do it, don't talk about it. That would be the stupidest thing Eric and BHO could do, it would bring about a huge backlash against the U.S. government eventually resulting in a $$$ settlement for the guy because of malicious prosecution and violation of HIS civil rights to criticize the government.

    This also shows how incredibly sensitive the U.S. government is to criticism especially of BHO. What are they worried about ? Are we at a turning point finally ? Is the circle about to turn and are the communists going to finally get it in the neck and be thrown out of power after almost a century of marching through the institutions ? I think that is what is really going on here, the U.S. government is petrified of the great white unwashed finally waking up and throwing them out of power, they are overreaching badly out of fear because they sense their end is coming.


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