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July 12, 2014

We wonder if British  movies depicting Zulu
tribesmen will be forced to include white
and Asian characters. 
Free speech and creativity must sit at the back of the analogical bus as the British Film Institute (BFI) embarks on a racist quota system. Filmmakers who fail to comply will be denied access to funding. Seats at the front of the bus are reserved exclusively for cultural Marxism.

The BFI has fired this latest arrow into the heart of British culture by demanding that the movie makers present British life as multicultural. This is accomplished by demanding that all movies include non-white characters in prominent and positive roles.

To assure the industry is saturated in anti-white multiculturalism, the work environment must also include a racially diverse employee roster. Talent and character content take a back seat.

From our source we read:
Movie companies have been told they must meet new targets for ethnic minority, gay and female characters on screen to be eligible for future funding from the British Film Institute.

The BFI, Britain’s largest public film fund, announced a “Three Ticks” scheme to ensure diversity in films and behind the scenes as it set out new rules for funding.

Under the system, to be implemented in September, films must “tick” at least two of three criteria: on-screen diversity; off-screen diversity and “creating opportunities and social mobility”.

The BFI, which allocates lottery funding and invests more than £27 million in film production, sales and distribution, supports about 30 new projects a year. It backed The King’s Speech and Philomena.

The new rules will compel filmmakers to place “diverse” actors and subjects at the forefront of their projects, as well as ensuring minority workers are represented on set and in the crew.

Big business is often blamed for fomenting the balkanization of white cultures to satiate their greed with cheap labor.

In reality government policies create mandated environments in which competition is stymied by racial quotas.

According to the BFI's Royal Charter, its purpose is to :
Encourage the development of the arts of film, television and the moving image throughout the United Kingdom, to promote their use as a record of contemporary life and manners, to promote education about film, television and the moving image generally, and their impact on society, to promote access to and appreciation of the widest possible range of British and world cinema and to establish, care for and develop collections reflecting the moving image history and heritage of the United Kingdom.
The organization retains the world's largest collection of films.

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