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July 4, 2014

Frank Mott, 65, was 'lynched' by his black neighbor.

Treven Lewis killed Mott with his fists rather than a rope.

Lewis was originally charged with 2nd degree murder, but the charges were reduced to manslaughter in a plea agreement.

He faces ten years in prison, but could serve as few as 102 months.

The fist lynching occurred March 15, 2014 in North Spokane, Washington.

From our news source we read:
What happened at an out of control North Spokane house party earned a man nearly ten years in prison on Tuesday.

Treven Lewis pleaded guilty to 1st Degree Manslaughter for the beating death Frank Mott, 65. Mott was a neighbor who had come to the part to break things up.

Lewis was originally charged with 2nd Degree Murder. On Tuesday, the prosecution and defense asked that Lewis serve about ten years. As part of plea deal, his sentence will range from 102 to 136 months.
MORE: Friends and family remember N. Spokane party assault victim

Frank Motta died March 15th, 2012 after suffering a critical head injury trying to break up an underage drinking party happening next door. The party was hosted by a teen whose parents were out of town. The parents had asked Motta to keep an eye on the home.
Mott is fondly remembered as a dedicated educator who served his community as a school principal. He was also a noted advocate of Veterans' rights.

Ironically, government schools continue to perpetuate cultural Marxism myths about white privilege and black victimization. While government schools will continue their common core of teaching about blacks-lynched-by-whites, we doubt the curriculum will include mention of black-on-white 'lynching' victims such as Mott and thousands of others like him.

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