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July 25, 2014

A student from China was beaten to death near the USC campus is Los Angeles yesterday.

Xinran Ji, 24, was walking to his off-campus apartment in the early morning hours after attending a study group.

Reports say the student was attacked by three or more men, then managed to stumble to his home where he was found dead later that morning. He apparently died of head wounds due to blunt force trauma.
A graduate student at USC walking home from a study group was attacked by at least three men early Thursday morning and died sometime later at his apartment, university officials and police said.

Investigators said engineering student Xinran Ji was assaulted with a blunt object at 12:45 a.m. Thursday near the corner of 29th Street and Orchard Avenue, a few blocks from campus.

Police said the 24-year-old from China managed to make his way back to his nearby apartment, where he apparently succumbed to his injury. A cause of death has not been determined, but university officials said he appeared to have suffered a head injury.

The attack has left some USC students on edge, coming two years after two other Chinese graduate students were gunned down near campus.

"It's shocking, but at the same time you're almost desensitized because you're like, 'Are you kidding me? It happened again?'" said Joe Benson, a senior undergraduate student.

Los Angeles Police Lt. Andy Neiman said that the attack may have been a crime of opportunity. It's unclear whether Ji was robbed.
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Authorities didn't explain how they knew there were at least three attackers. No description was given.

We assumed the attackers were not white or Asian.

Students complain that the neighborhood is unsafe.

When defined exclusively by geography, the longitude and latitude coordinates of an area are not relative to its level of safety. Rather, a neighborhood's safety is determined by the humans who occupy it.

A street view survey via Google reveals the neighborhood is occupied by persons of African descent.

The crime occurred July 24, 2014.

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  1. May I ask what your assumption of the color of the attackers has to do with journalism. You have a serious lack of journalistic integrity. But I just took a look at your recent articles and it is clear you are not a journalist, but someone pushing an agenda.

    Perhaps you had a trauma in your life that occurred due to some poor ignorant black guy?

    If so, I'm sorry to hear it, but to distinctly target a race is just immoral. You can still change. You don't have to be this person.

    The world is growing closer together. In 2047 blacks and people with mixed blood with black will be the majority in America, that was reported by several scientific journals as well as the Wall Street Journal only 6 months ago.

    We are growing closer together as a nation, so I encourage to stop trying to tear it apart.

    What happened to this young man was a tragedy. I pray for him and his family, and my heart goes out to him as a fellow USC alumni. Your ignorance shouldn't be the mark of his life.

    1. There's nothing as cute as a liberal. As Joe Stalin said in a different connection, you guys are like kittens whose eyes are still closed. Not to worry. You will soon have your eyes opened, if not by sad experience (no loss on the part of anyone else if that happens)... or perhaps someone who can see will forcibly open your eyes for you.

    2. Skin tone is no more relative than gender or age. Still, we know that 52.2% of homicide in America are committed by blacks, nearly all by males ages 18 to 49.

      Were you to read other posts you would be well aware that we are WELL AWARE of the impending balkanization of the West and the dire implications that holds for all humanity.

    3. Here here! Well said.