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July 19, 2014

Americans are routinely conditioned to believe that white people are innately racist and everything they say transcends mere suspicion.

That is, if a white person speaks, his or her words are racist.

Seriously? Seriously.


Four viral YouTube videos demonstrate this very fact:

The first is titled If Latinos Said the Stuff White People Say.

Framed in the context of roll-on-the-floor humor, the video teaches Hispanics to be hypersensitive to virtually everything white people say and to interpret their every word as racist.

The video has over 1-million hits.

Another is titled If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say.

With over 2-million hits, the video has the same purpose: To censor whites and call out Holder's henchmen anytime a black person can distort words spoken by whites.

The most popular is What Kind of Asian Are You.

This YouTube video has over 7-million hits and teaches East Asians to be highly offended at racist whites who dare to make small talk by asking such innate and mundane questions as, "Where are you from?"

There is also a video titled  If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say. That anti-white video has over 5-million hits.

• How cultural Marxism works

In the Marxist paradigm there are three characters: (1) The villain (white people), (2) the victim (non-white people), and (3) the hero; the Marxist.

Marxism tones this audacious stage play with a sesquipedalian flare. They call the villains the bourgeoisie and the victims the proletariat. Marxism is forever seeking to foment rebellion by pitting the proletariat  against the bourgeoisie.  It's how Marxism acquires and retains control.

The above mentioned videos are demonstrations of the non-white proletariat being encouraged to view the white bourgeoisie as their racist oppressors.

• What you can do ... right now!

You can help fight the blight of white fright by posting a comment on any or all of the above linked YouTube video. You may also want to add a link to this post.

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  1. You do hear yourself though right? You say these videos aren't warranted, but have a look to the right of this comment. All you do is everything you possibly can to slander blacks and mexicans, and from time to time "I assume when you aren't trying to date one" asians.

    Please change your ways. Blacks don't hate you. Mexicans and Asians don't hate you. They just hate that you won't stop doing stuff like this website.