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Student arrested for uttering
the N-word

July 20, 2014

See video below
If you ever wonder what was going on in the minds of lynch mobs before they strung up their victims, watch this video.

Without the benefit of an investigation and trial, Grandpa is confident that the cop who killer of Eric Garner deserves to be locked away in prison. Grandpa expressed his outrage by beating a microwave oven with a baseball bat.

The problem of badge bullies persists. But New York City is much safer due to the get tough laws instituted by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and retained by his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg.

Grandpa may well be in correct in his assessment, but before we get out our noose, let's consider that the lives of literally thousands of innocent black New Yorkers have been saved because the police play an active roll in crime prevention.

Consider stop-and-frisks.

• Numbers don't lie. And neither do I.

We know there were 685,724 stops in 2011 in New York City. That same year there were 515 homicides reported. How many of those homicides were detected by stop-and-frisk? None that I know of. That's 0% and, therefore, a zero percent affect on national crime statistics.

The get-tough policies of mayors Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg have, however, reduced crime and saved thousands of black lives. Literally. Thousands!

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) delivers raw data that empirically proves that tough-on-crime laws save black lives.

During the David Dinkins administration there were

2245 homicides in New York City (1990)
2154 homicides in New York City (1991)
1995 homicides in New York City (1992)
1946 homicides in New York City (1993)

After Giuliani's and Bloomberg's get tough policy (1994-2013)
the numbers dropped dramatically

534 homicides in New York City (2010)
515 homicides in New York City (2011)
414 homicides in New York City (2012)
333 homicides in New York City (2013)

There were fewer homicides in NYC in 2013 than in any year recorded to date.

How could fewer homicides make black crime statistics increase? Answer: They couldn't!

Let's do the math.

There were 8,340 homicides in NYC 1990-93
There were 1,796 homicides in NYC 2010-13

8,340 - 1,796 = 6,544

A total of 6,544 lives were saved in four years alone! Most of those were black lives.

While we admire Grandpa's incredible acting skills and sigh at the sight of a cheap new microwave being beaten with a bat, we wonder if Gramps would mind stepping outside his politically correct closet and throw a made-for-video fit over less popular deaths.

We think, for example, of Shamiya Adams, the 11-year-old black girl who was shot dead by a stray bullet while sitting on the floor of a Chicago friend's house. Will Grampa beat a microwave in outrage over black violence in Chicago? Probably not.

I wonder if Grandpa will throw a fit over the black woman who robbed candy money from an 8-year-old white girl who was raising funds for his school? Probably not.

Will Grandpa be flailing his bat about as he rails against the death of 91-year-old Luis Aguiar? The elderly white man was shot dead along with two others by a black male.

Rupert Anderson, 97, was beaten to death a few days ago by an Ethiopian immigrant who invaded the senior Navy veterans home. His wife, Harriet Anderson was also severely beaten, but managed to survive with her life.

Got your bat ready, Granpa? Your noose?



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  1. I remember stumbling upon "Angry Grandpa" around the same time I became more racially aware (in the wake of Trayvonmania), the irony of the typical black crime victim having a bleeding heart for the very people who see him as "stale, pale and male", and are waiting for him to die.

  2. Thousands of police murders (bjs.gov) and only 13 cops ever convicted..

    Does the Sixth Amendment not exist in Your Country?

    "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

  3. Do you honestly believe a Tax-Paid Law Enforcement Officer Murdering someone is the same exact thing as a Hardened Criminal Murdering Someone?

    You understand what the Constitution is, right?

    I know cops do a lot of criminal things, but to directly equate a cop who holds an oath to the community and Constitution with a criminal who holds no moral values, just seems crazy to me!

    An absolute disgrace to all the people that gave their lives for your rights.. Could you imagine if one of them had to see that this is what America has turned into.. This is what they gave their lives for )':

  4. I for sure will not be sharing this on Facebook or anywhere.

    No one needs to see such slander about cops coming from you!

    "Will Grandpa be flailing his bat about as he rails against the death of 91-year-old Luis Aguiar? The elderly white man was shot dead along with two others by a black male."

    Absolutely disgusting that you would not only equate a murderous criminal to the average cop but also be completely okay with that.

    If that is seriously how you see it. Then why don't we just hire the local Blood Gang to be our Police? After all, whether it's a cop or a gang member murdering someone, our reaction should be the same according to you.

    What would your mother think if she knew you thought this way?


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