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July 9, 2014

Hate-filled white liberal racists are hiding out in the suburbs, far removed from the urban crime and violence of Chicago.

They are also hiding statistics that contradict their cultural Marxist narrative that the NRA is to blame for that city's homicide rate.

While non-whites -- blacks and Hispanics -- are dying in disproportionate numbers, hate-filled white liberals remain silent, preferring to allow the slaughter to continue rather than acknowledge reality.

The facts they hate-filled white liberals don't want you to know are:

• 32.9% of Chicago is black
• 31.7% of Chicago is white
• 28.9% of Chicago is Hispanic
• 5.5% of Chicago is East Asian


• 76.2% of homicide arrests were black
• 3.2% of homicide arrests were white
• 19.3% of homicide arrests were Hispanic
• 0.4% of homicide arrests were East Asian

Hate-filled white liberals don't want us to know that 95.5% of homicides in Chicago are committed by blacks and Hispanics. Those statistics mirror the victim rate as well.

Hate-filled white liberals couldn't care less if blacks and Hispanic are disproportionately being murdered. They only care that their agenda is being realized in Chicago, America, and the rest of the world.

Hate-filled white liberals don't want to resolve the violent crime problem. Rather, they want to use violent crime to leverage their agenda.

Were it not for black and Hispanic homicides and the hate-filled white liberals who enable it, Chicago would be a safe city.

The fact is: Hate-filled white liberals are no more concerned for the black and brown teens who die on Chicago's streets than they care for black and brown babies who die in Chicago's abortion clinics.

Data is based on 2010 police statistics.

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  1. I be shock, shock I tell you ! Bathhouse Rahm and his buddies say it's an "epidemic" of gun crime, like smallpox. If it's an "epidemic" why doesn't it spread to white areas, why don't white people catch the disease ? If it's and "epidemic" I know the cure, the death penalty for the monsters works every time.