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June 22, 2014

[ See more racist violence here: AbateTheHate.com ]

Racism turned deadly again this weekend, but expect no outcry from white liberals.

This racial killing is NOT the type they can exploit, so they will ignore it.

26-year-old Lance Corporal Jonathan Price was shot in the back as he and his wife left a restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky.

Police have profiled the suspect by hair style (dreadlocks), gender (male), and weapon (silver handgun). Most media outlets, however, refused to note the suspects shade of skin.

The victim was white. His wife-turned-widow survived a shot in the leg from the same gunman.

Liberals prefer to exploit generations-old tales of white-on-black lynchings.

Their template

a) Ignores the thousands of white criminals who were lynched.
b) Ignores the severity of the crime that led to the lynching or
c) claims the lynching victim was innocent.
d) If rape was involved, the rape victim is always said to have recanted her story.
e) Reach far back into the past claiming that documentation is doubtful because white supremacy that prevailed at the time.
f) Ignore the scores of black-on-white executions occurring every month.

• Real-time "lynchings" ignored by hate-filled white liberals

Last week in Indianapolis two black teens pleaded guilty to the senseless, cold-blooded murder of an innocent and unarmed middle aged white man [source].

In Canada police are looking for a black male who shot a 20-year-old white man to death as the victim exited a taxi [source].

In San Diego a black male beat a white man to death as the victim walked out of a bar [source].

In Arcata, Calfornia, a white high school girl and an older white male friend were shot dead by a black male for no apparent reason [source].

[ See more racist violence here: AbateTheHate.com ]

In Pensacola, Florida a black male admitted he killed a 39-year-old white woman and stuffed her body in a trash bin in his living room [source].

In South Bend, Indiana a white teenage boy was shot in the head as he was riding his bicycle. Two black teens were arrested [source].

In Utah a 49-year-old man white man was shot in the head by a black male [source].

In Indianapolis a black male was video recording merrily skipping away from a convenient store where he robbed and shot the clerk in the head [source].

In St Louis a 24-year-old white woman died of asphyxiation. Her body was found in her bath tub with bite marks. A black male was arrested for her murder [source].

In St. Petersburg, Florida a 24-year-old white man was shot twice in the head by his black neighbor who complained is victim was talking too loud. [source].

The above are "lynchings" that were in local media in the past few weeks but were ignored by the national media and by lying, two-face white liberals who pretend to care about racism by exploiting generations-old lynchings.

Note, also, that all the above victims were unarmed. Still, white liberals make much ado about the 'unarmed' Trayvon Martin as they pretend his death was a homicide rather than self-defense.

From this week's "lynching" report we read:

Lexington police are still looking for the gunman who killed a Marine and injured his wife early Saturday morning outside a bar.

26-year-old Lance Corporal Jonathan Price was a proud Marine who served his country and his community. But even more, he was an inspiration to those around him.

"He just seemed genuinely happy and I'm like, well maybe if I act more like him, then maybe I'll have a happier life. So, he really helped me," said friend Austin Alford.

Lexington police say Price and his wife were leaving Austin City Saloon around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, when the unthinkable happened. Officers say a man shot Price in the back and his wife in the leg. Both were taken to the hospital where Price died.

Alford served in the Marines with Price.

"We were a group of 4 guys and we kind of did everything together. Were responsible for each other, hang out together and stuff like that," he told LEX 18 over the phone.

He says Price was the type of person who was always looking for ways to help others.

"If he knew that you needed him he would be there and he'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was a real genuine all-American down to earth guy," he said.

While Price's death will leave hole in the hearts of many, he also left a positive impact on those he knew and loved.
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