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June 27, 2014

Reports claim this couple was murdered
by Karif, Besim, and Hanif --
not by Billy Bob. 
What further proof is needed?

Clearly cultural Marxism is a dreamland of Twilight Zone proportions where dementia is a requisite for its inhabitants. Stated briefly: Liberalism is a land of alternate reality.

The case is point is an article published by The Daily Beast in which the author is under the mental delusion that guns are the source of crime.

His specific beef is with the governor of Michigan who signed a law that protects the privacy of gun owners. The law mandates that names of gun owners not be included in public records.

The author accurately notes that the lives of nearly two children per week are lost due to gun violence.

He fails, however, to admit that most of these children are, in fact, adolescents; many old enough to drive.

He fails to acknowledge that guns kill people* most frequently in areas where guns are prohibited or strictly regulated. Washington, D.C. and Chicago come to mind.

He fails to admit that the fingers that pull the triggers tend to be disproportionately black. In fact, 52.2 percent of all homicides in America are committed by blacks, most by males age 18 to 49 who comprise about four percent of the population.

His dementia causes him to overlook the fact that where gun proliferate, crimes decrease. Note that gun shows are among the most safest places in America.

He incorrectly attributes the success of the legislation to apparent pressure from National Rifle Association rather than the Michiganders who elected the governor and the legislature that presented him the bill.

He uses derogatory language in lieu of facts, collectively referring to gun owners as Billy Bob. We all know that Billy Bob is a responsible, hard-working taxpayer. We also know that a more appropriate collective name for murderers would be Skyy MimsDanarius Coleman, or Karif Ford, Besim Henry, and Hanif Thompson.

He also failed to notice that Billy Bob doesn't live in Detroit and we further suspect that author lives in a white neighborhood.

With new information available that our gun culture costs us the lives of nearly two children per week--70 percent of those deaths preventable--and the National Rifle Association doing everything it can to make sure stalkers and those who've committed domestic violence still have access to ready weaponry with which to kill you, it sure is good know Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan signed legislation dealing with guns.

Yes, Snyder reacted to what would be considered a moral and existential crisis in any other high income country by…signing a bill protecting the "privacy" of gun owners... 
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*Or, correctly stated...

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