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June 9, 2014

Efforts to displace Western culture have no end.

All that is required is an accusation of ethnic exclusion and white privilege summarized in the simple word racism.

With that simple formula, one can ban most anything deemed offensive while permitting the most inane notions.

And so it was that the Confederate flag -- once a benign reminder of Southern heritage -- became the symbol of white racist hatred in the minds of nearly all Americans.

Let's move on.

"Greta Hawkins on Monday killed a plan for pre-K students to march into an end-of-year celebration carrying flags to a song called 'Stand Up for the Red, White and Blue,'" says our source.

Hawkins is the 49-year-old beneficiary of white innovation who is employed as the principal at government school #90 -- otherwise known as Edna Cohen School -- in New York City

Hawkins won't return my calls, nor will she return calls from the broader media. Perhaps she will return your calls. You may give her a ring at 718-787-3333.

You may visit the school's web site here ► 

Staffers flee Coney Island school where 'toxic' principal nixed ►

Source ►

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