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June 17, 2014

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Because black-on-white violent crime is both epidemic and pandemic, Canada is no exception.

Police in Toronto are looking for a black male suspected of killing one man and wounding others.

Dead is 20-year-old Douglas Parker.

While hate-filled white liberals turn cold shoulders to such crimes, pretend that blacks are victims of white privilege, and revise history to compliment their agenda, the police are seeking a black male -- Conrad Grizzle, 20, of Toronto -- for the murder of a young white man. .

Reports say Parker and his friends arrived in the neighborhood via taxi and Grizzle immediately opened fire, killing the young white man and wounding his friends.

It's time to abate the hate; to put an end the pretense of white privilege and racism and acknowledge reality as it is.

This black-on-white murder took place May 24, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

From our source we read:

Toronto police are casting a wide net in their search for a suspect accused of a fatal shooting that also left two others wounded on Walpole Avenue last month.

On Tuesday, Det. Joyce Schertzer updated the media about the killing of Douglas Parker, a 20-year-old man who was fatally shot on the evening of May 24.

The shooting happened on a warm Saturday evening at 66 Walpole Ave., near Greenwood Avenue and north of Gerrard Street East. The shooting occurred at about 8:50 p.m. that night.

"He’d arrived at the location in the company of friends by taxi. He was killed almost immediately after his arrival," Schertzer said.

Parker was hit several times in "the chest area," while his friends were also shot.

Schertzer said the investigation has determined that Parker was targeted in the shooting, which she said stemmed from a pre-existing dispute involving several parties.

Police say that there were children outside playing in a community playground when the shots were fired.

Since then, police have identified a suspect, whom they attempted to apprehend on Monday evening. But they have yet to find him.

Today, they publicly identified the suspect as Conrad Grizzle, 20, of Toronto. He is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for second-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.

"I would like Conrad Grizzle to know that we have alerted all borders, neighbouring police services and other supportive agencies with regards to our interest in his immediate apprehension," said Schertzer.

Schertzer urged Grizzle to turn himself in, saying that his photo is in the hands of all on-duty Toronto officers and that investigators have access to all resources they need to bring him in.

"You will be arrested, so I urge you to seek the advice of someone you trust, to speak to competent counsel and turn yourself in," she said.

Schertzer further warned any of the suspect’s friends, family or other contacts from helping him evade apprehension.

"There are criminal consequences to providing him comfort, shelter, assistance in any way and those who harbour Conrad Grizzle will be prosecuted accordingly," she said.

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