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June 25, 2014

Thad Cochran could not have won the
GOP Senate primary without the
massive support of black Obamanites
When the mainstream Marxist media openly boast of voter fraud, you know something is amiss.

What has gone awry is the method used to defeat a white conservative US Senate candidate in Mississippi.

By denying Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel victory in a primary runoff vote, the predatory left protected a key vote in the United States Senate.

How did they do it?

Black Obama loyalists crossed party lines in droves to cast votes in the Republican primary. They supported six-term Sen. Thad Cochran and opposed his conservative challenger. In other words, black Democrats chose the Republican Party's candidate for U.S. Senate.

It's voter fraud, plain and simple. In many states it is illegal -- though essentially beyond prosecution -- to vote in the primary of a political party of which one is not a member.

It should come as no surprise that the mainstream Marxist media are broadly distributing news of this fraud for all to see. In so doing the media are alerting Obama Democrats throughout the country that they can vote in Republican Party primaries to defeat the best candidates before their names reach the ballots in general elections.

Republicans, of course, can do the same -- and they often do. However, the obverse reality shines through as the racial aspect is undeniable. The predatory left frequently makes much ado over alleged laws in Mississippi's past that locked out many black voters, diminishing their influence at the polls. The current trend of black Obamanites selecting Republican candidates makes us wonder if white Southerners of generations past were merely attempting to assure fair elections.

The resolution to this problem is simple: Republicans can revert to nominating candidates at conventions rather than primaries. While conventions carry their own legacy of smoke-filled-room cronyism, they would be more efficient in nominating candidates preferred by true Republicans.

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  1. I beg to differ on the idea of not choosing the Republican candidates via a primary election, and here is why:

    In Virginia's recent Governors election - the GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli had an albatross forcibly hung around his neck when the GOP State Convention chose a black radical preacher named E.W. Jackson - who appeared to me to be every hardcore liberals favorite wet dream. Jackson had a massive resume that was chocked full of Jackson's past statements that literally touched on every favorite 'divisive' and 'inflammatory' kind of rhetoric that the left loves to use to demonize candidates on the right and to paint them as dangerous, unhinged, radical extremists.

    It is my strong hunch that the GOP state convention in the state of Virginia is probably compromised and is full of enemy moles who are there to work from the inside to help derail and disrupt the chances of a truly legitimate, traditional Conservative from winning the governor's race. Cuccinelli lost to a egg sucking dog, greasy, hard core liberal weasel and I am convinced that Jackson's inflammatory and divisive history played a key role in that loss.

    So, is the author of this article suggesting that every other 'Red State' follow this same practice, and expose themselves to the same risk that defeated them in Virginia? I think a much better solution is to pass laws that stipulate that no democrats can vote in GOP primaries and vice versa, and then require people to produce voter registration cards before they are allowed to vote, to prove they are registered with the party in question.


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