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June 5, 2014

25-year-old William Porter Headlee was punched in the head then, as he lay on the ground, was shot twice in the head.

Arrested for the crime is Lonnie Lee, 34.

Reports say Lee was angry because Headlee was talking too loud.

Lee is black. Headlee was white.

The crime was committed at an apartment complex in St. Petersburg, Florida June 1, 2014.

From our source we read:
ST. PETERSBURG — Keith Evans still can't sort out how an argument between his neighbors escalated so quickly and ended in one of them being killed.

"Both of those guys are my friends," said Evans, 53.

It happened about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Police said 25-year-old William Porter Headlee was having a conversation on the sidewalk near Lonnie Lee's apartment door, apparently too loud for Lee's taste.

Lee went outside to ask Headlee to quiet down. The request sparked an argument, and Lee, 34, told police the younger man shoved him — an assertion not backed up by a witness.

The witness told police that Lee punched Headlee and, as he lay on the ground, pulled out a gun and shot him twice.

Evans is puzzled, as he said neither man seemed the violent type.

Evans lived below Headlee at the Gateway Apartments, a group of pink stucco buildings with about 200 units at 2000 Gandy Blvd. N. Lee lived next door to him.

"Something really ticked that man off," Evans said.

Neither man has a criminal record in Florida.

Lee works at Goodwill Industries, and his girlfriend and young child had recently moved into his apartment, Evans said.

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