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June 12, 2014

The race game involves playing the race card. Leftists play the card offensively and their opponents play it defensively.

Realists choose not to play the game.

A case in point was seen recently when Allen West was confronted by the ramblings of a faux Klanster.


Exploiting racism has long been a key strategy of leftism; it's a strategy most refer to as 'playing the race card.'

First, white people are demonized as a privileged class with a history of racial violence and lack of empathy for non-whites. Second, that false positive is used to discredit those who dare differ with cultural Marxism.

The race card was smugly played on the Sandy Rios radio program as she was interviewing black conservative Allen West. In an effort to make West appear to condone the false positive, a plant called the show and suggested that Obama be lynched by the Ku Klux Klan.

Both West and Rios immediately recognized the ploy for what it was and the caller was promptly cut off. West went on to detail the reason why Obama has committed an impeachable offense.

• Embracing false positives

Again, there are two ways to play the race card. The first is offensive, in which the accusation of racism is made. The second is defensive, in which the players seek to eviscerate themselves of any semblance of racism. In so doing the defensive players are actually playing into offenders' hand by acknowledging their false positives as if they were true.

The third option -- the one I chose to take -- is not play the game. This third option will, of course, get one falsely labeled 'racist' and subjected to all the visceral hatred that comes along with it.

That is to say that when white people play the race game -- even defensively -- we are enabling cultural Marxism by validating its core claim that white folks comprise the bourgeois (privileged class) and non-white the proletariat (victimized class). Without the delusion of the bourgeois and proletariat there can be no cultural Marxism.

• Examples of denial

For example, the offensive race card players will bemoan the abject racism of Jim Crow laws. The defensive players will respond by agreeing that Jim Crow laws were, in fact, repugnant symptoms of gross white racism. Defensive players fail to realize that, while they managed to dodge the racist label, they still lost because they affirmed a false positive to be true.

Another example is the distribution of intelligence among ethnic groups and the inherent disparity. Defensive race-card players will go to absurd extremes to pretend that intelligence levels are the same among all people groups. See J. Philippe Rushton's response to being called a racist in the video below.

Still another example is violence. While few will dispute the reality that males commit violent crimes far more frequently than females (how often do women hold up liquor stores?), they bristle at the notion that blacks commit violent crimes at a much higher rate than whites and East Asians.

My web site often posts shock videos of black violence for the express purpose of disputing the pretense of cultural Marxism. Granted, most are preconditioned to rage against such racism, but none can dispute the reality. That's why white liberals choose to have white neighbors.

• Unwittingly enabling cultural Marxism

Conservatives fail to realize they enable cultural Marxism every time they set about to prove their anti-racist credentials by acknowledging the false positives. In essence the left is saying, "If you don't agree with us that you are a privileged racist it proves you are a privileged racist!"

Nearly everyone actually falls for it.  They go to unusual lengths to avoid being stigmatized with the racist label. It's akin to a kid who will jump out of tree and break his leg rather than be called a chicken.

Those of us who refuse to play the race game realize that Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people from black crime and were, in fact, anti-racist.

We fail to realize that -- no matter what lengths we go to in proving our anti-racist credentials -- they will still find an excuse to apply the label. It is an essential element of the cultural Marxism strategy that white people in Western cultures be demonized as the privileged bourgeois class. We can play the race card with defensive finesse and still be saddled with the racist stereotype. In so doing, we accomplish nothing more than enable cultural Marxism by lending it's lies with credibility.

The fact is that white people are not -- nor have they ever been -- racists. We are the people who ended millenia of legal chattel slavery. We are the people who continue to enhance the lives of over 7 billion people with our knack for innovation.

One guy may have given some Indians blankets tainted with small pox. Cultural Marxism smears the entire ethnic group with the racist label. However, white innovation effectively eradicated the small pox disease freeing all people now and forever of its curse. No credit is given. See the hypocrisy?

• Why they hate us

And that, my friends, is why they hate us!

I personally deplore and despise racism. I also deplore and despise pretense. I refuse to pretend that violence doesn't prevail in black neighborhoods to dodge the racist label. I will not pretend that the racial disparity in wealth and income is due to anything other than a disparity of intelligence in free market economies.

The cultural/economic/social Marxist model for humanity is a population capped at less than half a billion people (there are currently over seven billion of us) who live harmonious with nature. The problem with white people, Marxism notes, is that our innovation enables a high quality of life for billions of humans regardless of race and, in so doing, foils their strategy to dominate us with their bizarre cult of earth-friendly ecology.

White people stand in their way and must be destroyed. But first, we must be demonized as racists. Therefore, our course of strategy to defeat cultural Marxism is not to play the race card defensively, but to refuse to play the race game at all.

Acknowledging reality is not racism.

Below is an audio of the call.

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  1. We need to label our enemies to put them on the defensive. For example, if someone calls you a racist because you defend the interests of the white race, then you call him/her anti-white. Have some facts ready to counteract any of his/her arguments but continue to call the person antiwhite. This puts our enemies on the defensive because they will have to prove that they are not antiwhite.

    Try it a couple of times and see the results. In this way, white people begin to be on the offensive instead of on the defensive.

    For more info on using words effectively, try www.whitakeronline.org/blog

  2. I read and agreed with 99% of the above... But this sentence threw me and I did not agree with it at all. "Those of us who refuse to play the race game realize that Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people from black crime and were, in fact, anti-racist." --- It seems to me that government's Jim Crow laws were racist laws, not policing actions at all. It seems to me that is the very definition of racism (yes I know PC racism is so vague and wide sweeping), but racism means to me "to separate legally by race", thus a "racist" is someone who advocates or wants the legal separation by race. Jim Crow laws did exactly that, hence they were racist laws. Meanwhile, the informed, misinformed, or uniformed person who wants or advocates personal separation by race or sex is a bias person at best or a bigot at worst. The bright line separating the two is the calling for a legal separation.

    1. Jim Crow laws were to protect Whites from a horrid violent race, just like Apartheid did in South Africa. You've seen what happens when those laws are abolished, thousands of dead tortured white people. Who the h*ll cares if it's called 'racism".

  3. Racism is tribalism. Tribalism is how the tribe detects danger and protects itself, which is exactly what whites aren't doing in this day and age. If Whites don't stop the political correctness and babbling on about how they despise racism, we're as good as dead.


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