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May 6, 2014


I think it's repugnant.

Don't ask me why. I just do.

I've heard/read the word repugnant uttered more times in the past two weeks than the previous 61 years of my life. Each time it was in reference to the scandal in which Donald Sterling was demonized for saying something derogatory regarding black NBA players.

The left continues its efforts to hyper-sensitize Americans to white racism. White leftists are exempt.

I wonder -- though -- why it isn't repugnant when successful black Americans face repugnance when they fail to tow the liberal Democrats' Uncle Tom line?

Condoleezza Rice comes to mind.

On April 8, 2014 Brandeis University, the self-proclaimed champion of freedom of expression, rescinded its offer of an honorary degree to the outspoken humanitarian defender of women, Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, because of her criticism of Islam. Then, on May 3, 2014 Condoleezza Rice, born in Birmingham, Alabama, withdrew from accepting an honorary Doctor of Laws degree and delivering the commencement speech she had been invited to give at Rutgers University on May 18. She explained that her appearance had become so controversial that she was withdrawing in order not to cast a shadow on what should be a celebratory day.

The biased protestors, a combination of aging radical leftists still fighting the Vietnam War and extreme Islamists fighting any hint of criticism of their religion, triumphed in two battles in their war against two extraordinary women who happen not to be leftists. In this age of professed multiculturalism and obeisance to the ideology of diversity, the very vindictiveness of the opponents of these two accomplished and dignified women with exemplary life stories is astonishing. One leader of the protests against Ms. Rice called her a “war criminal.”

Cultural subduction occurs when
one culture subdues another. 
In reality, I think it's subduction.

Subduction is a geological term that describes "the process by which collision of the earth's crustal plates results in one plate's being drawn down or overridden by another, localized along the juncture (subduction zone)  of two plates."

Western culture is being subdued by foreign people groups with foreign values and a foreign worldview to our own. Take notice of that reality, and prepare to endure the xenophobe label

Most Americans, I fear, have difficulty wrapping their brains around this simple truth: White racism in America has nothing to to with racism. It has everything to do with manipulating our mindset to adopt cultural Marxism and, then, economic Marxism.

The world's economic property clearly favors Western (white) nations. In the effort to calibrate economic justice, Marxism must first adjust social justice. That, in their sordid way of thinking, requires the subduction of Western culture.

Descrimination against Rice is fair game because her views and values run contrary to cultural subduction.

Unlike geological subduction, that requires many millenia, cultural subduction is occurring within our lifetime!

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