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May 19, 2014

American white liberals are hate-filled
racists whose compassion for blacks
extends only where it fits an agenda.
This is why I hate the hypocrisy of leftism.

Their eyes are discriminately attuned to what they want to see; then they make gross exaggerations of the plight of those they champion -- but only if it fits their agenda to do so.

On the blind side is the suffering of the few remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe and the deathblows literally being dealt to black Christians in Nigeria.

While Muslims are slaughtering entire villages of blacks in Nigeria, Sandra Fluke complains that she must underwrite her own contraceptives.
In one assault that killed 25 people in Ganye in north-east Adamawa state last year, Rifatu Bila, the wife of a local politician, was told at gunpoint that she would be spared if she converted to Islam.
"The gunman heard me praying and told me I would be freed if I accepted Mohammed," said Mrs Bila, 50, whose house was set ablaze during the attack. "He then shot my husband dead in front of me."
While liberals repeatedly used the word repugnant to describe a ball club owner offending African-Americans, they were unaffected by the severity of attacks against Christian African-Africans.
[A] wheelchair-bound employee of St Joseph's Minor Seminary – a Catholic school elsewhere in Adamawa attacked in March. On both occasions, it seemed the only reason for the gunmen's mercy was to create witnesses to their terror.

During the seminary attack, the gunmen wheeled Andrew around the campus, making him watch as they executed four of his colleagues and blew up the chapel and classrooms. He was also "interrogated" about his religion and warned that it put him in direct danger, according to Aid to the Church in Need, which documented the incident.
Have America's 'liberals' really progressed to the point that they consider using the 'N' word an offense so intolerable as to destroy the career Paula Deen, yet give their consent to the ongoing murder of blacks in Nigeria simply because such concerns fail to fall in line with their narratives?

In the past three years nearly all of the 3,000 Christians in the heart of Boko Haram territory have either been murdered or forced to flee.

Little compassion from the Hollywood elite is seen for the suffering of these black people. They attempt to raise neither funds nor awareness, but are content to allow the terror to go unabated and unnoticed.

What's worse? Muslim women being forced to wear burqas or thousands of Christian black women forced to abandon their homes? To America's white racist liberals, wearing a burqa is an intolerable infraction of basic human rights. But being forced to flee your home and homeland? They show no concern.

What's worse? Donald Sterling and Paula Deen muttering the N word, or the slaughter of thousands of black Christians in Nigeria? To America's white racist liberals the greater offense is using the 'N' word.

What's worse? The lynching of black criminals in America's past or the brutal murders of tens of thousands of blacks in Africa by their Muslim kinsmen? To America's white racist liberals lynching black criminals in America is infinitely more offensive than Islam's murderous rampage in Africa.

When white American liberals consent with their silence to the bloodshed of blacks, they are uttering the N word without moving their lips. Then they have the hypocritical audacity to criticize people like me for emphasizing black crime.

Go figure!

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