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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 7, 2014

Marshall Coulter may have survived a shot in the head after he allegedly broke into a New Orleans residence, but he didn't survive the damning evidence of a security video that recorded the teenager as he fumbled on the front porch, tried to open the door, and sat coyly in a rocker to apparently avoid the suspicion of a passerby.

From our news source we read:
Twenty minutes before law enforcement and witnesses say Coulter, 15, was caught inside a home in the 2000 block of Royal Street, he lingered on a porch, peered into windows and tried the front door knob at a house two blocks away, on Burgundy Street.

The footage shows the teen moving sluggishly on the porch as he looks through the windows and checks inside the mailbox. He stares into the camera. When a man walks by on the sidewalk, the teen sits in a rocking chair until the man passes.

Then, for seemingly no apparent reason, the he starts yanking leaves off a large potted plant.

Had it not been for the teen forgetting his cell phone on the porch, the resident, Ken Caron, said he would likely not have thought to review his security footage.
The video was shot May 2, 2014 and Coulter was captured by by police inside the home. Coulter was shot in the head during a break in last year.

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