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May 22, 2014

Listening to an interview by black billionaire Michael V. Roberts, I was astounded to hear him describe fear as an obstacle to success.

See video below.

While the fear of failure can be a personal derailment, the absence of fear is no guarantee of success. In fact, it can be one's ticket to tragedy.

The largest concentrations of bold and fearless humans can be found in America's prisons.

Like fire, fear can do great damage; but when harnessed in a hearth, it can be beneficial.

Consider, for example, that the fear of not succeeding is the antidote for the fear of failure.

Consider, also, that the common denominator that is characteristic in virtually every self-made millionaire is not a lack of fear. Rather, it is the presence of intelligence.

Young people with limited intelligence are misled when Roberts -- or anyone -- convinces them that fear is the primary obstacle to economic success. The truth is much more painful. Nonetheless, it is what it is: The primary barrier to economic success in a free market economy is lack of intelligence. And even intelligence is no guarantee of success.

What keeps me from running a four-minute mile is not the fear of failure. Rather, it is the presence of innate inability. What keeps me from becoming a billionaire is not the fear of failure. Rather, it, too, is the presence of innate inability.

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