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May 15, 2014

I put up with some idiot teachers during my school days, but none as severe as this.

From our source we read:
Wharton, OH- Surveillance video allegedly shows a teacher roughly handling a 6-year-old kindergartner in Wharton, Ohio.

Anthony and Autumn Nelson say they received a letter about an incident with their son Ian, which ultimately resulted in the 10-day suspension of teacher Barb Williams.

However, upon receiving the surveillance video, they couldn't believe how roughly their son was handled by the teacher.

They’re very upset with the seemingly lax punishment for Williams.

"You can see where she grabs at his face; she slams him against the wall. We thought it was just a little incident that happened; you know that's what the school made it sound like. All of a sudden, we get this video today and this is just outrageous," Anthony Nelson.

 Ian's mother also agrees.

"He was in the other room, and I watched it out in the kitchen and I just started crying. I burst out in tears. I called my mom, I called his mom, I started calling everybody saying ‘I don't know what to do,’” said Autumn Nelson. "He's scared of her, even going to the school next year, even the year after he'll still have to see her if she's present in the building. That’s probably going to scare him."

The Nelsons want Williams terminated from Riverdale Schools.

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I want Williams arrested, tried, and imprisoned upon conviction.

Government schools make poor surrogate parents. Many parents think of government schools as free child care, never considering that the high price exceeds punitive property taxes. The physical and emotional abuse suffered by children forced to attend government school is unconscionable.

Government schools simply will not guarantee that children are given proper care for dedicated teachers. It is a national tragedy that our children must suffer the abuse from adult bullies who abuse is defended by unions.

If you had teachers who were passionate in their career, please be sure to thank them. However, those who abuse their authority need to be held accountable.

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  1. rather than crying on TV, why don't parents 'cure' these problems?