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May 6, 2014


Germany's foreign minister warned today that Ukraine and Russia are on the very of coming to blows. War, he said, is on the horizon.

If one considers gun battles between Ukraine troops and Russian loyalists 'war,' the fight has already begun. 14 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the fighting, another 66 were wounded. Authorities estimate that 30 pro-Russian fighters have also been killed.

White-on-white violence is nothing new. It occurs when tribalism eclipses individualism. Europe has a long history of white-on-white warfare that has costs untold millions of lives.

At issue in Ukraine today is the presidential election. Russia has warned that it considers the election illegal while the European Union postures itself on the side of the oil rich Russians.

As long as Caucasians think in terms of tribalism, the 'us-vs-them' element of human nature will transcend preservation of our common culture.

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