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May 11, 2014

Libertarians are correct 99.99% of the time.

It's that .01% that gets them in trouble.

The party's endorsement of gay marriage licensing, for example, is simply not libertarian. The government has no more right to license marriage partners than it does to license children.

Another sticking point is the tenacity of some libertarians (note the small L) to support open-borders immigration. That, no doubt, is the core philosophy behind Sen. Rand Paul's opposition to voter identification.

State and national conventions of the
Libertarian Party require voter ID.
Left is my voter ID from 2004 state convention.
Right - in spite of being on the speakers' roster
you can still see my voter ID dangling from my neck
at a national party convetion.
While it gives the Senator from Kentucky an opportunity to play the race card, it runs contrary to the thinking of thinking Americans. What's more, the open border perspective held near and dear by many libertarians is a bit hypocritical.

How so?

The Libertarian Party, itself, requires identification to vote at its conventions.

When you enter a venue where such conventions are being held, you are met by border guards who mandate you present valid ID and that you've paid your fees. Once validated, you are given papers that authorize you to participate in the convention activities -- including voting. Those papers, by the way, come in the form of a name tag that attendees (citizens) are required to dangle around their necks!

The party has good cause to protect its integrity. Were it not for requiring identification, any loon -- think Howard Stern -- could crash the convention and take over.

Likewise, our nation has good cause to protect its integrity. Were it not for requiring identification, any loons -- think illegal -- could hop the fence and vote for liberal Democrats.

There is a vast difference between adopting then adapting to libertarian thought and parcing reality to come to a logical conclusion that gets one labeled libertarian. The first is subjective. The second is objective.

I don't believe it because I am a libertarian. I am a libertarian because of what I believe.

That thought seems to be lost on Senator Rand Paul whose libertarian leanings seem to compel him to embrace the .01 percent that runs afoul for valid -- objective -- libertarian thought.

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Below ▼ John Stossel and Drew Carey discuss their libertarian perspectives, including voter ID.


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  1. We have all manner of nutjobs to vote for but no one with any common sense.