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May 15, 2014

Police are now calling the attack of a white family in Savannah on Mother's Day a 'fight.'
Police say the video does not support the contentions made by the victims.

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  1. Avoid the places where they congregate. Don't expect the police to take your side. The System is against you, and so are the groids. Avoidance is key.


  2. Comment from Boxingtone:

    After beating up PLENTY of these filthy animals (during my 15 years in prison), I can say with full confidence that I would've beat this filthy n****r into a bloody pulp had I'd caught him outside MY house.

    Then I would PROBABLY drag him inside (into the bathtub), and behead him with a meat knife.

    Filthy, disgusting cancers that they are.

    1. Now you're talking.

    2. My sentiments exactly! Eventually we're going to have to remove this cancer to American Society.. The North American Pavement Ape is the destroyer of societies...