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May 29, 2014

Find the white guy.
The staff at  NPR'S Tell Me More discover that force-fed
anti-white racism doesn't play well among whites.
The above photo reminds us where we're heading: A
society in which whites are a minority, white males
aren't even in the picture, and the program fails.
National Public Radio is the white neighborhood of the airwaves.

In an effort to integrate its mostly-white listening audience, NPR launched a show about racial issues. The show was called Tell Me More.

Now, after seven years, the program has been axed. The reason? It simply could not attract a substantial listening audience.

The strategy was simple: Provide non-whites with a program to affirm their victimization while loading guilt on the predominately white listening audience. The problem -- clearly seen in hindsight -- is that (a) whites only listen to such nonsense when it's folded into the plot of a white-guilt movie and (b) few blacks care to listen to anything without a rap beat.

The other problem -- the one liberals can't seem to wrap their brains around -- is that the phrases conversation about race and let's lecture white people are not synonymous.

When you're ready to try again, NPR, give me a call.

That's not to say the programmers at NPR weren't on to something. White people do want to talk about race. In the 2.5 years I've published my website, it's become apparent that articles about race attract nearly four times the hits as those about any other topic.

The mainstream Marxist media recently flirted with this reality a few months ago when it began taking note of the age-old 'knock out' game. The networks realized that such news stories increased viewing audiences. That translates, in turn, to increased ad revenue.

When you're ready to try again, NPR, give me a call.

The writer of our source article at the New York Post concludes that, perhaps, that race has become a passe topic. Nothing could be further from the truth. When framed in the lens of reality and delivered sans the cultural Marxist slant, nothing attracts listeners like an honest conversation about race. But it must be honest.

When you're ready to try again, NPR, give me a call.

We'll talk about the black mob that rampaged through the streets of downtown Cincinnati last weekend. We'll have conversation about the white family of eight that set upon by intolerant blacks in Savannah, Georgia last month. We delve into the persistent problem of blacks breaking into the homes of elderly white people leaving meaning badly beaten and others death. We'll turn the spotlight on South Africa and check the data on the Mandelan legacy while wondering aloud why the remain white farmers are being forced off their land in Zimbabwe. We'll pick up our history books and talk about the omissions -- such as black-on-black slavery that was common in the antebellum South. We dare to proclaim that Jim Crow was never about racial discrimination but was designed to prevent black-on-white crime.

When you're ready to try again, NPR, give me a call.

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  1. Excellent piece, the communists at NPR will never tell the truth about race (or anything else), Hell will freeze over first. Once the communists realized they would never achieve a violent revolutionary victory in Europe or America as they had in Imperial Russia in 1917 they shifted gears finally settling on supposed racial injustices in the U.S. and decolonization abroad as their modus operandi after World War II. They successfully marched through the institutions over the last 100 years, particularly the universities and by now all the schools destroying from within all Christian virtues especially those that supported family life and patriotism, slowly replacing the institutions of family and Church with the institutions of the State. Their campaign has had enormous success but they are at a peak now with their incompetent hero BHO in the White House. Their Achilles' heel is their very ideology; central control of society by a cadre of politically correct geniuses who will remake society in their image through lies, legal oppression and bribery. All the efforts of the communists depends upon other people's money to accomplish their goals. The majority of the budgets for NPR, the so called 'non profits' and the entire educational system in the U.S. depends on a river of money a mile wide and a mile deep from Washington D.C. to keep functioning. At the same time the actions of the communists in the government and its propaganda arms i.e. NPR, CNN, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc. and the schools at all levels have worked to destroy the value of that money that the establishment lives or dies by, they are cutting their own throats by their policies destroying the value of the dollar they depend upon. When the dollar fails the legitimacy of the whole left wing project to destroy the West from within will also collapse, only then will the great unwashed finally wake up in a rage and direct it at those in power who ruined their futures, that day is very close, one more crisis like 2008 and the system will fail.