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May 13, 2014

The mainstream Marxist media uses
imagery -- such as cute little children --
to manipulate our minds.
A school district in Colorado is feeling the wrath of Eric Holder's Dept. of Justice.

The Adams County School District 14 in Commerce City, Colorado, is being faulted for not effectively communicating with Spanish-speaking parents of Latino children.

The district is majority Hispanic.

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) -- the department's anti-white attack dog -- launched an investigation after a complaint was filed in March, 2010.

The OCR claimed the lack of effective communication constituted harassment because it limited access of Spanish-speakers to "services, activities or privileges provided by the District."

The current superintendent, Patricio "Pat" Sanchez, agrees that limitations linger and has appointed a panel of Hispanic parents as watch dogs.

From our source we read:
The agreement with the Education Department includes hiring an outside consultant who is an expert on bilingual and multicultural educational matters, interviewing parents and students, creating a database for discrimination complaints and training all students and employees about the new anti-discrimination policies.

"Please be assured that if we are made aware of any alleged harassment or discrimination, we will take steps to effectively respond to those allegations. Investigations will occur promptly," Sanchez said in an open letter to Adams 14 students, parents and staff.
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Note that access and privilege are code words used to justify anti-white discrimination and excuse cultural displacement.


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