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May 24, 2014

Mike Godwin originated Godwin's law:
Sooner or later -- if an argument persists --
 someone will compare someone
or something to Hitler or Nazism
If you speak English in Bar-Silica, a restaurant in Braunau, Austria, you may be a terrorist. That is the excuse the owner used to maintain a German-only language rule in his establishment.

Considering the fundamental right of property owners, the proprietor should have the right to eject anyone he wants from his establishment.

The mainstream Marxist media, anxious to punish every slight against immigration, was quick to apply Godwin's law and, noting Braunau was Hitler's hometown, considers the German-only house rule to be a throw-back to Nazi Germany.

Using terrorism as an excuse to enforce the language rule seems laughable to the media. Nonetheless, when American police us the same excuse to make nonsensical traffic stops, the logic goes unnoticed.

In my libertarian view, property rights trumps all else. The owner has the right to serve Germans only, whites only, or Turks only at his pleasure.

From our source we read:
But now owner Hannes Froschauer has been forced to back track after his demands were compared to Nazi race laws that saw all non Germans as the inferior race.

He said the matter had been blown out of proportion, but in a separate incident an English speaking tourist was also told by Froschauer: "In my bar, only German is spoken."

"If people here speak a language other than German being spoken it can cause fear. It could be terrorists."

He said the language ban was also because foreigners were not welcome at his bar, saying: "That is the secret of my success, that is why my bar has been well visited over the last ten years. If I let Turks of people form the former Yugoslavia in, I don't think many locals would come any more."

"If you have a table taken by Turks, there are always at least ten of them. If you get a bunch of foreigners that size, then you don't get any locals in the bar.

"The bar is simply like my living room. I decide who comes in and who can take a seat or not. When I don't want someone to come in I decide. Full stop."
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