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May 9, 2014

Social engineers require white racism to make their case that society needs perennial tweaking until Marxism is reality. Then they will seek out evidence for white racism to make their case to keep Marxism as the preferred antidote.

The problem, of course, is that white people are not racists. If anything, they are too accommodating; too altruistic.

There was a time when cultural Marxism could point to such things as segregation to make their case for white racism. With virtually all the superficial signs of racism eradicated, there is a need to invent white racism where it can neither be seen or disproved.

To that end at least one neuroscientist has tapped into the white brain where he finds racism hidden beneath the surface where we can't see it. But it's there, nonetheless, he says.

From deep thinkers at Mother Jones we read:
When the audio of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling a female friend not to "bring black people" to his team's games hit the internet, the condemnations were immediate. It was clear to all that Sterling was a racist, and the punishment was swift: The NBA banned him for life. It was, you might say, a pretty straightforward case.

When you take a look at the emerging science of what motivates people to behave in a racist or prejudiced way, though, matters quickly grow complicated. In fact, if there's one cornerstone finding when it comes to the psychological underpinnings of prejudice, it's that out-and-out or "explicit" racists—like Sterling—are just one part of the story. Perhaps far more common are cases of so-called "implicit" prejudice, where people harbor subconscious biases, of which they may not even be aware, but that come out in controlled psychology experiments.

Much of the time, these are not the sort of people whom we would normally think of as racists. "They might say they think it's wrong to be prejudiced," explains New York University neuroscientist David Amodio, an expert on the psychology of intergroup bias. Amodio says that white participants in his studies "might write down on a questionnaire that they are positive in their attitudes towards black people…but when you give them a behavioral measure, of how they respond to pictures of black people, compared with white people, that's when we start to see the effects come out." 
At some point white people must snap out of their delusional mindset and face the core reality that racism is wrong and they -- white people -- are its victims!

How odd it is that leftists are convinced that race is a social construct, deny intellectual disparities between races; but then attempt to make a biological case for deep-rooted white racism.

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  1. If White people are so racist, how come is it only White people are losing their European and European-derived countries through massive immigration and forced assimilation?

    How come Mexico can stay Mexican and China can stay Chinese, but only White countries are becoming diversified?

    This IS being purposely engineered. It is a genocide...but because White people are so foolishly tolerant and NOT racist, we will eventually lose ALL of our countries.

  2. yes it is it's known as instinctive survival the other races it's doubled these libtards give me a chuckle dailey haha.