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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 12, 2014

It's no secret that the IRS targets Tea Party donors for tax audits.

Now, magnify that challenge by a thousand. Or more.

Nationalists in Malta, a south European nation in the Mediterranean Sea, faces the downside of government controlled health care. Specifically they are pushed to the end of the line in obtaining pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacist Denise Ellul revealed the scandal when addressing a political activity organised by the Nationalist Party.

Government insiders know when certain medicines will be available before others, allowing them to push ahead of the line. Some know even before them pharmacists, Ellul claimed.

The problem is particularly acute when pharmaceuticals are in short supply, forcing Nationalists and others who are not politically connected to go without necessary medicine.

Socialism begets corruption. It always has. It always will.

Free markets, in which governments are not allowed to control supply and demand, are less than perfect but nearly always more efficient.

The medical mess in Malta is a harbinger of what Americans can expect with ObamaCare commandeering our pharmaceuticals: Those who support the Democrats will get their meds.

Those who don't...

From our source we read:
Pharmacist Denise Ellul has stood by her statement that political discrimination was taking place at the Pharmacy of Your Choice scheme.
Ellul was reacting to a joint press statement issued by the health ministry, the GRTU and the Chamber of Pharmacists in the past days. In the statement, the health ministry once again denied political discrimination had taken place while the Chamber of Pharmacists and the GRTU denied ever making such statements.

First media reports on alleged political discrimination in the Pharmacy of Your Choice scheme were made by Ellul during a political activity organised by the Nationalist Party.

A few days after her address, the health ministry requested a meeting with the pharmacist to acquire further details. Present for the meeting were the permanent secretary within the health ministry and the POYC CEO.

According to Ellul, the CEO confirmed that the Health Department asked for the personal details of patients who call at the ministry because of out-of-stock medicines. This, she added, was done to ascertain that the patient calling was entitled to receive the medicine.
“This in itself is a clear admission that medicines are sent directly to the patients and not to the pharmacy. If they are sent to the pharmacy, the department would not need the patient’s details but only the name of the pharmacy which the patient is registered with,” Ellul said.
The Nationalist Party is one of two major parties in Malta and is considered to be conservative.

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